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A.M.D.A.’s Equipment:

Digital Cameras
Pentax *ist D
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ7

Lenses/Lens Accessories for K-mount
• Takumar-A Zoom F3.5-4.5 28-80mm manual-focus-only lens
• Pentax SMC Pentax-F F2.8 100mm Macro lens
• Pentax SMC Pentax-A* F4 300mm
Tamron SP AF 2X Teleconverter

Film Camera/s & Gear
• Kodak 835 Star AF 35mm-film camera
• Various 35mm films
• Lexmark X5150 "All-in-one" flatbed scanner
Canon CanoScan N340P Flatbed Scanner

Other/Miscellanous Equipment
Pentax AF-330FTZ external flash unit
• Vivitar 1.5x and 0.55x screw-on converter lens set
Kenko polarizer filter
Kenko +1 +2 +4 Close Up Filter Set
Tiffen UV Haze-1 filter
Kenko +1 +2 +4 Close Up Filter Set
• Hoya center-spot filter
• Optex multi-image (split-image) filter
• Kenko 4-point star effect filter
• Panasonic DMW-AC7 AC adapter (for certain LUMIX cameras)
Lexar 133x Professional CF memory card
• SanDisk 256MB Standard CF memory card
• Lexar 2GB Standard SD memory card
• Lexar 128MB Standard SD memory card
• Panasonic 1GB High-Speed SD memory card
• Panasonic 16MB Standard SD memory card
• 16 rechargeable AA batteries
• 3 "equivalents" and 1 CGR-S006A battery pack (for certain LUMIX cameras)
• Plenty of cleaning/miscellanous gear (i.e. blower brush, lens cloths, flash diffusers, etc.)

Velbon CX-540 Tripod
Canon 100 Monopod
• Cullmann macro-tripod
• No-brand mini-tripod

Main Photo-Editing/Managing Software
• Linux OS
GIMP 2.6 Image Editor
• DigiKam photo-library
• Hugin panorama creator package
• UFRaw RAW conversion & export software
• Ever-expanding range of plugins WinXP OS
Corel Paint Shop Pro 9
Arcsoft Panorama Maker 3
Adobe PhotoDeluxe Home Edition 4.0
Arcsoft PhotoStudio 2000
• Lexar Image Rescue


Reviews Moderator, A.M.D.A.
About A.M.D.A.
Hello, my first name translated to English is Alexander. Alex is fine. I remember becoming interested in photography late in the year 2006 while living in northern Mexico. I had many bird-feeders/houses in our property, and was an avid bird fan. After some relatives from USA visited, they brought three small digital P&S cameras. I tried them out for bird photography, but wanted more zoom/manual control. However, I was hooked into taking pictures. Months afterward, I received a LUMIX FZ7K as a gift for completing a course from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. I became serious about photography some time in early 2008 after moving from Mexico to Canada for joining other relatives, and am currently taking a course from the New York Institute of Photography.

Nature is my main photographic subjects, birds and macros in particular. I also enjoy shooting still-lifes, panoramas, and the occasional portraits, but nature remains my favourite.

I discovered in July 2008 while searching the internet for places to post reviews on my equipment. Many thanks to Photo-John and other members who contribute nicely on this great website! I know I have learned plenty at PR and continue to do so. Hopefully I have helped others along the way as well.

I will be looking forward to reading/rating, and perhaps even commenting on some of your user-reviews. Share your experience with others, posting a review is easy! If you have any problems or questions, please let me know!

Alex :-)

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