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Sat Mar 10 2007

Nikon D40X Intro Demo (2 Videos)

posted by LRY
If I was over the top at the heights of DSLR technology yesterday. today finds me equally enthusiastic at the other end of the price spectrum. The Nikon D40X aims to bridge the segment of the market that wants high quality pictures with compact camera simplicity. As Lindsay Silverman of Nikon told us. "[these photographers] don't necessarily think of themselves as photographers" but they want something better than a point-and-shoot.
The Nikon D40X is pictured below with the new 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED-IF lens (approx. 80-300mm in 35mm equivalent). Due to the wide angle view. it looks bigger than it really is. so check out this video and the next video for a sense of it's compactness.
PMA 2007 - Las Vegas

Although all DSLRs seem to have a fully automatic. "program" or "green" mode. a big bottleneck to understanding the controls is the user interface. Nikon's D40X redesigns the display interface to help users understand what controls actually do and when to use them. (It also has a "Classic" interface too for those familiar with DSLR functionality.)

See the new long telephoto zoom described below:

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