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Wed Mar 14 2007

Olympus E-410 and E-510 Digital SLRs

posted by Photo-John
Although we're still waiting on the E-1 replacement. Olympus introduced two new digital SLRs at PMA 2007 - the E-410 and the E-510.

Olympus EVOLT E-410 Digital SLR

The E-410. pictured above. is targeted at new DSLR users and people with smaller hands. However. if you're an outdoor photographer that wants a compact digital SLR. the E-410 looks pretty good. It's got a 10-megapixel sensor. Live View. Olympus' dust reduction system. and the new Olympus TruePic III processor. The Olmpus EVOLT E-510 is a little bigger than the E-410 and adds Olympus' Sensor-Shift Image Stabilization. The photo below is the E-510 sensor assembly as the image stabilization movement is being demonstrated.

Olympus EVOLT E-510 image sensor. with Sensor-Shift Image Stabilization

Olympus EVOLT E-510 digital SLR body and guts

Olympus EVOLT E-510 digital SLR - top view

Olympus EVOLT E-510 digital SLR - rear view More 2007 PMA Olympus Photos >>

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