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Dakine Sequence Backpacks

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Dedicated camera pack by outdoor gear maker, Dakine. The Sequence has a removable, customizable, padded camera block. Camera access is from the rear, helping keep your gear dry in the snow and keep dirt off your back.

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Sony Alpha A55 Snowboard Sequence

I took the Sony Alpha A55, PhotographyREVIEW.com's [url=http://reviews.photographyreview.com/blog/2010-camera-of-the-year/]2010 Camera Of The Year[/url], out for a day of snowboard photos last week. Pat Branch, another photographer, rode for me and I got to really test the action abilities of the A5 ... Read More »

2008 Red Bull Rampage Sequence

Last week I posted an old film sequence from 2001 and it got me thinking about how much cameras have improved, how much I have improved, how far mountain biking has come, etc. Also, the 2010 Red Bull Rampage mountain bike freeride comp is coming up again and I have a ton of photos I never shared fro ... Read More »

Old MTB Sequence - Film - 2001

I shot this with my EOS 3 back in 2001. That means each piece of the sequence is a separate scan. What a pain in the butt! But this was a big, sketchy line and it was worth the effort. Ryan "Beavis" Finney here was just out of high school, if I remember right. He is one of the best riders I've ever ... Read More »

Powder Day Crash Sequence

December 31st was an epic powder day here in Salt Lak City. I took my skis and the Canon EOS 7D up to Alta for some, ummm, camera testing. And boy was it a good day. The snow was the best yet this season and I got in a ton of sorely needed ski photography practice. I didn't get any magazine covers b ... Read More »

Which sequence would look better?

I plan on buying rectangular frame that holds 3 8x10's vertically. I am wondering which of these combos do you think would look better. Ok here is the first option....top to bottom in order they would appear in the frameRead More »


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