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Kata 123-GO-10 Backpacks

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The 123-GO-10 sling backpack fits a DSLR with mid-range zoom lens attached as well as 1-2 lenses, flash + personal gear. This bag is super light, features TST structural protection and provides ultimate freedom of use in three carrying possibilities, morphing rapidly from sling to backpack and back again. In sling position, the bag easily swings around from back to front to achieve quick draw access to your main camera and backup lenses as well as fast and easy changing of lenses. In backpack position and "X" position you can comfortably carry your equipment for long distances. Arrange your equipment in the bottom main compartment of the pack taking full advantage of the modular dividers to custom fit the bag to your exact equipment. The large top compartment will hold personal effects or additional gear, and the internal and external pockets will allow you to organize your personal effects as efficiently as your photographic gear. The included rain cover folds neatly away into an integrated pocket and can be hung out to dry on the small buckle next to the handle, or tucked away for storage in one of the pockets. 123-GO is the basic product family in Kata's Sling Backpack range, for a similar but more advanced product Kata's 3N1 family is available to offer more features.

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