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Kata Hybrid-537 DL Soft Case

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Product Description

The D-Light Hybrid-537 DL will carry and protect both your stills camera and your video camcorder in a single bag that can be split in two. A TST RIB running down the middle of one of the components provides structural protection while light yet durable RipStop fabrics and foams join together to create a lightweight protective compact case, perfect for every day use. There are two pouches and each can hold a variety of gear: The larger pouch will hold a DSLR with an additional lens or flash + some small accessories or a small HDV camcorder, while the smaller pouch will carry one of the following: a handycam, a bridge camera or a small DSLR. An external Elasto-Guard pocket on each is useful to store small accessories you need close at hand. When interconnected the features work in unity as if it were one bag, the handle and shoulder strap connect at each end to one of the pouches. When split into two entities, each can be used separately: The larger pouch has a shoulder strap connection and a belt loop connection on the rear, while the smaller pouch has a shoulder strap connection and a belt attachment flap on the side. Note that only one padded shoulder strap is supplied and only the larger of the pouches has a handle when they are split.

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