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Agfa ePhoto CL30 Clik! 3 Megapixels and Smaller

3.27 star rating
                      3.27 / 5 (15 Reviews)
MSRP : $549.00

Product Description

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User Reviews

Overall Rating:2
Submitted by Kathy a Intermediate from Clayton

Date Reviewed: August 28, 2001

Strengths:    Great outdoor pictures. (see pictures taken on www.loveandlacebaskets.com)

Weaknesses:    Takes crappy pictures in low light or indoor use. Camera lasted about 1 month with very little use. After taking pictures 1 day for the above mentioned web site tried to turn camera on the next day and it wouldn't power up. Tried the AC adapter that came with the camera, nothing. Tried a new set of batteries, nothing. Called AGFA they sent out another persons broken camera as a replacement. BAD, BAD SERVICE. Took 6 months to get a refund only only after threatening to call them every day to ask where my refund is. THEY WILL NOT LET YOU TALK TO ANYBODY TO THE REPRESENTATIVE THAT ANSWERS THE PHONE. DO NOT PURCHASE UNLESS SADO MACHOCHIST THAT WANT TO THROW THEIR MONEY AWAY.

Bottom Line:   
Took great outdoor pictures when it worked. But that didn't last very long.

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Overall Rating:4
Submitted by Mis Degree a Intermediate from Houston, tx

Date Reviewed: April 28, 2001

Strengths:    Cheep media.
Unlimited storage.
fast upload.

Weaknesses:    LCD screen is slow.
Loud autofocus.
Slow wait time.
bulky and heavy.
Battery Hog.
No optical Zoom

Bottom Line:   
First off, I bought this camera for $190 US dollars shipped at overstock.com, so the rest of this review is based off the price I paid for the camera. This camera is exactally what I was looking for!! Yes.. it has it's shares of weaknesses. but for the price, I aint complaining. Image quality was more than I expected. If you want to take pictures to send over the internet or make into screen savers, a 1 megapixel camera is all you need, and this what this is. 1.5 megapixel is only obtained through the special software and you can only see it with the special software. So none of the people you send the pictures to will see it. So set the camera to High (not special mode) and you can save 120 pics per disk instead of 60. Images where good with good lighting. But the flash can only work upto 10 feet so dont expect to get any sort of panoramic pictures in dim lighting.

You can read some of the other reviews about the slow LCD, Load autofocus, 10-15 secs between pics, bulky and heavy, no zoom and battery hog.. That's all true. but how many $200 cameras have a LCD? how many $200 cameras have a zoom? How many $200 cameras are 1 megapixels? How many $200 cameras have removable storage? Also the camera comes with 3 clik disks.. that is 120megs of storage and at 120 pics per disk thats 360 pics!!!

I've used a camera with only 32meg on a media card.
they hold about 40 pics. but then you can never afford to buy some more media because of the price of the media.
so you have to run to your PC\Laptop to upload or download. Which usually takes a while.

The camera also doubles as a zip drive. I've used it to transfer files from my laptop to my PC at work.. I works great. I download things form the internet at work because of the speed of the T1 line and plug my camera into the usb port and down load the files and take them home with me. No need for me to get high speed internet at home. It's plug and play, so you dont need to intall anything. Because it also works as a zip disk, upload and download time is really quick. It takes seconds for me to download all my pics. there's no need for special software to capture the images and download. Just drop and drag.

So if you want to send good high quality pics to friends and family over the internet and dont need to print out 8" x 10" pics. or if you want to make nice screen savers, then this is a good camera for $200.

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Sony floppy disk (dont know which model)

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by John a Intermediate from Dorset, VT, United States

Date Reviewed: March 17, 2001

Strengths:    Over 200 PICTURES!! with one set of Rechargables!!
Plenty of settings to get desired results.

Weaknesses:    Viewfinder not so accurate , but have you ever found one to be accurate?
IOMEGA Software in box is the pits. Go get newer verson from there site

Bottom Line:   
I purchased this camera for my daughter, when she was out working I tested it out (hehehe). I brought my agfa 1280 with me, I found myself constantly using the clik! So i asked myself why, I came up with these reasons. I am not that creative looking for that perfect shot, you know what I mean. With the Clik! I just shot away getting various results the bad gets trashed, and the good I keep. The thing is you can take over 200 pictures on one set of Nh 1600 rechargbles. 2 Clik disks. CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!! storage is the name of the game. This baby wants to go on vacation, day trips etc. So I have purchased one for myself, considering this camera is now discounted around 200-250.
Now the software, I found it to be for beginners, it allows one to learn, for instance if you make corrections, 5 thumbnail photo's appear with different changes in each box, you then pick the desired change and that's it.
Now the Iomega software is another story, DO NOT INSTALL what you get in the box , download the newest version from Iomega, then it will work fine.

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Overall Rating:4
Submitted by Scott Welker a Expert from Overseas

Date Reviewed: January 25, 2001

Strengths:    Excellent photos, OUTSTANDING Clik media, great carrying case, uses inexpensive AA batteries, rugged body.

Weaknesses:    Heavy battery use by drive, MUST get rechargeable batteries (>1000 mAH NiCad OR NiMH).

Accessories (esp wide angle and telephoto lenses) are overpriced.

Bottom Line:   
This camera is GREAT. It's images are BEAUTIFUL. 40 MB Clik disks are wonderful!

Despite its lower resolution (1.5 MP) than the top of the line cameras (3.3 MP) I can only detect the difference on my computer, and even then, when I blow the image up to 4-500%. Printouts are exactly the same at my printer's (HP 722C) best resolution, all the way up to full page prints (7x10). The addition of the Clik media makes this camera unbeatable for the recreational photographer. If you're a pro, go ahead and pay 3x the price for the 3.3 MP machines, but if not, you should strongly consider this camera. I paid $279 for mine at Egghead.com. Other features that I liked: USB hookup, pretty good software, substantial shape and feel, video display output. LCD display was average. Batteries charge in camera with AC power supply (if they're rechargeable...don't try this with other batteries). Had there been a model with optical zoom, I would have bought it, but I think $279 was a fair price for the camera without that feature.

The 40 MB Iomega Clik drive is the camera's greatest advantage. Three are supplied, for 120 MB of storage, or close to 200 hi-res photos. It's also the greatest weakness...the drive does eat up the batteries, but 1200 mAH NiMH AA's will get you 30-40 pictures with flash, or 65 (a full disk) without. The case conveniently has a spot for spare batteries. To me, the ability to purchase additional memory for $7.50 per 40 MB is worth this disadvantage.

I just got back from France where my friend and I swapped cameras (his was a Nikon Cool Pix 550). We both agreed...for the pictures we took, mine was as good as his, and he REALLY envied me when his 48 MB Flash card filled up but I just popped a new $7.50 Clik disk into mine. When we got back, I ended up giving him over 100 photos that he simply didn't have room for.

VERY glad I bought it.

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Overall Rating:2
Submitted by tim coles a Beginner from London

Date Reviewed: September 27, 2000

Strengths:    None

Weaknesses:    None

Bottom Line:   
I thought that it would be a great idea to have a clik drive in the camera - however i also though it would be great to be able to take the thing around and be able to take photos wherever i was whenever i wanted - it is simply to big to do that - also the batteries die incredibly quickly - but the reason i ended up taking it back was the delay between pressing the button and when it takes the photo - if you have it on auto focus it was almost 3 seconds! - this is ridiculous - even on fixed focus it took maybe around a second - it is a really good idea putting the clik in a camera but agfa should have done a bit more to reduce its size and latency on the shutter.

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Similar Products Used:   None

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