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Canon PowerShot S3 IS 6 to 7 Megapixel

4.38 star rating
                      4.38 / 5 (13 Reviews)
MSRP : $0

  • Image Sensor TypeCCD
    Resolution6.2 Megapixel
    Optical Zoom12x
    Camera TypeStandard Point and Shoot
    Interchangeable LensNot Interchangeable Lenses
    35mm Zoom Lens36 - 432 mm
    Digital Zoom4x
    Focus Range19.2 in. to Infinity (w) / 36 in. to Infinity (t)
    Macro Focus Rangein. (w)
    Focal Length6 - 72 mm
    Camera Resolution6.2 Megapixel
    Image Resolutions640 x 480 • 2816 x 2112 • 2272 x 1704 • 1600 x 1200
    Video Resolutions320 x 240 (QVGA) • 640 x 480 (VGA)
    Video Speed30 fps
    Max Movie LengthWithout Limit (Depends on the camera free memory size)
    Video FormatAVI • Motion JPEG
    Aperture Rangef2.7/f3.5 (w/t)
    Shutter Speed15 - 1/3200 sec
    White BalanceAuto • Manual • Daylight / Sunny (Preset) • Cloudy (Preset) • Fluorescent (Preset) • Tungsten (Preset) • Halogen (Preset)
    Frames Per Second2.3 Frames
    Memory TypeMMC Card • SD Card
    Compression ModesFine • SuperFine • Normal
    Compression TypeJPEG • EXIF 2.2 • DPOF 1.1
    File Size (High Res.)2.67 MB (48 images on 128MB card)
    File Size (Low Res.)0.13 MB (about 985 images on 128MB card)
    ISO SpeedsAuto • 100 • 200 • 400 • 800 • 80
    Flash TypeBuilt-In
    Flash FunctionsFlash Off • Auto Flash • Red-eye Reduction Flash
    ViewfinderOptical (Through-the-lens)
    LCD PanelWith LCD Panel
    LCD Panel Size2 in.
    LCD Screen Resolution115,000 pixels
    LCD Protected PositionWith LCD Protected Position
    Interface TypeUSB
    Video InterfaceVideo Out
    Battery Type4 x AA Batteries
    Battery Life110 Images
    Self Timer12 Sec.
    Built-in MicrophoneWith Built-in Microphone
    Built-in SpeakerWith Built-in Speaker
    Tripod MountWith Tripod Mount
    Width4.46 in.
    Depth2.97 in.
    Height3.07 in.
    Weight0.91 lb.
    Included Accessories4 x AA Batteries • USB Cable • Video Cable • Neck Strap • 16 MB Memory Card • Driver • Lens Cap
    Release DateMay, 2006
    Product ID30041967

Product Description

The sleek PowerShot S3 IS digital camera offers you high resolution, an extra-long zoom, advanced yet easy-to-use movie functions plus great new shooting options. Also, with Image Stabilizer technology, images and movies taken with the S3 IS are sharp and smooth, even when the camera gets jostled. It's everything you need to capture the fun, excitement and beauty of your active life - wherever it takes you!

Canon PowerShot S3 IS Digital Camera Pro Review

by Laurence Chen

The Powershot S3 IS continues Canon’s long-standing tradition of high-quality full-featured compact cameras. With excellent usability and a feature set second to none, this is a machine that aspires to do it all, and do it reasonably well. The challenge will be in deciding if it’s the right camera for you given the brief but potentially serious list of shortcomings.

Canon PowerShot S3 IS Studio Test Images
Canon PowerShot S3 IS Studio Sample Images ISO 80 Sample >>
ISO 100 Sample >>
ISO 200 Sample >>
ISO 400 Sample >>
ISO 800 Sample >>

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Take Control of Buying a Digital Camera e-book

Canon PowerShot S3 IS Pros and Cons
  • Good color and customizability of color
  • Good image sharpness across zoom range
  • Excellent physical design and control layout
  • Improved menu layout
  • Excellent build quality
  • Excellent battery life (NiMH cells)
  • Excellent movie mode/stereo sound
  • Excellent burst-shooting mode
  • Very quiet
  • Swing-out LCD monitor
  • Usable electronic viewfinder (EVF)
  • User-customizable Function button
  • Quick start-up
  • Good Macro and "Super-Macro" modes
  • No RAW file capability
  • Exposure latitude (dynamic range) is narrow
  • Exposure tends to blow out highlights
  • Auto focus is slightly inconsistent (hunts, misses)
  • Automatic white balance indoors is too warm (manual settings better)
Canon PowerShot S3 IS - front and back
There is no question that Canon has assembled a winner in the PowerShot S3 IS. However, with so much going for it, the S3 IS has a couple major drawbacks. For some (I'm guessing a minority), these shortcomings will be a deal-killer. But for the rest, the S3 IS will be one of the great joys of being a digital photographer.
Canon PowerShot S3 IS Features
By now, most people are familiar with the technologies that are making digital photography so compelling - and the Canon S3 IS is loaded with them. Therefore, I'll just comment on the features that make it such an attractive digital camera.
Canon PowerShot S3 IS - pop-up flash and 12x optical zoom lens
Left: Canon PowerShot S3 IS pop-up flash
Right: Canon PowerShot S3 IS 12x optical zoom lens and focus controls

  • Optical Zoom Range - A 12X zoom range was unheard of - especially in the pre-digital film days. Long zooms are perfect if you mostly compose to keep things out of your frame (e.g., tight portraits, close-ups, etc.) and especially if you want a long telephoto for sports, safaris, etc.

  • Image-stabilization - Becoming standard on digital cameras, but almost a requirement for super-zooms of this type. You really need it when using long telephoto settings without a tripod.

  • Image color choices – Canon has provided some nice flexibility (since you can’t shoot RAW format) with their Color-Styles feature, which offers presets as well as customizable color. Tweak color, contrast, tint, etc. to your personal taste and save your settings. Canon’s default color balance is a bit red overall, so this feature is great for those who want a different balance.

  • Swing-out LCD or electronic viewfinder (EVF) - Canon's swivel-screen is super-handy for unusual angles. No neck-tweaking here!
  • Movie mode with stereo sound - What can you say but, "Honey, I'm selling the video camera on eBay!" Okay, it's not that good. But for most people these "little" movies are perfect. Future Spielbergs and Kurosawas will be the ones who want the control and resolution offered by a dedicated digital video camera.

  • Build quality - Typical Canon: Solid. In fact the Powershot S3 IS is quite heavy for its size - about a pound or so.
  • Canon PowerShot S3 IS Design
    Canon has been in the camera business a long time, so I expect a lot from them when it comes to design. In the past I've been frustrated by what appeared to be backward steps on Canon's part. But the S3 IS demonstrates how Canon has built on their design strengths over the years, particularly if you go back to the early G-series PowerShot digital cameras.
    Here are the Canon PowerShot S3 IS design highlights:

  • Physical control layout - Although I have big hands, the S3 IS "just fits." The camera rests comfortably in my grip with the controls neatly, logically, and ergonomically arranged at my fingertips. I especially like how the thumb diagonally rests across the back with all the critical, dedicated controls to one side or the other. Secondary functions like manual focus and self-timer also have dedicated buttons in reasonable, logical places. Outstanding.
  • Canon PowerShot S3 IS - main controls

  • On-screen control layout - My only complaint is that there are a couple of unnecessary icons displayed on the LCD all the time - image stabilization and the wind noise filter. An excellent little touch is when you change shooting modes (e.g., Av, Tv, M, or P) all control setting icons light up for a moment, and then disappear. This just helps to remind you of what settings are active, without having to clutter the display constantly. You can make the icons vanish even faster by half-pressing the shutter button. Canon has usually been good at making shooting the number one control priority (as it should be).

    Canon PowerShot S3 IS - LCD Display
    Canon PowerShot S3 IS record mode with info, histogram, and composition grid

    Canon PowerShot S3 IS - LCD Display
    Canon PowerShot S3 IS record mode with exposure composition adjustment display
    Canon PowerShot S3 IS - LCD Display
    Canon PowerShot S3 IS playback mode with all info displayed

    Canon PowerShot S3 IS - LCD Display
    Canon PowerShot S3 IS main menu

  • Rapid control response - From quickly powering-up to acquiring focus, Canon have largely addressed the complaints of photographers who need a camera that responds quickly to changing conditions. The lens zooms quickly (but not too quickly) to where you want it and you can easily make small adjustments via the control lever in front of the shutter release. Control menus have been laid out in a fashion that puts the most important photographic controls "up front" for faster access and modification. Buttons toggle thru various displays and settings, and there is even a user-customizable button that the photographer can assign to key functions. Finally, most controls require only a minimum number of clicks to set the control. Bravo.
  • Camera Experience
    The Canon Powershot S3 IS design and features add up to exceptional handling in the field. Assuming you're comfortable toting around the bulk and heft of the machine (it's not really very big, but it's not a pocket-camera, either), the S3 IS affords one of the most pleasurable photographic experiences available. Controls are quick and sure, and the camera feels right at home in your hands. I really dig how clean and simple the LCD display is with all of the info turned off. The fewer the distractions the better when framing pictures. Even the electronic viewfinder (EVF) is surprisingly usable. After the shot, checking focus is fast and easy (as it should be) with the zoom lever and four-way control pad.

    There are a few problems, of course. The S3 IS auto focus doesn't quite live up to what you might expect. If you're playing around in a store it seems fast and accurate. But in the field it occasionally hunts and locks on to something not quite in the plane of focus you desired. This is primarily at the long telephoto end of the zoom and in less than full-on noon sunlight. I emphasize that this is occasional, however. But if you're shooting kid's sports like soccer you're likely to experience auto focus problems more often, particularly in low light situations like indoor gyms. It's also difficult to see the LCD screen in sunlight, an issue with many digital cameras as of this writing.

    Again, I think most people will be served well by this camera. Unfortunately, I judge the tool by the final results - the photos. Despite all the excellent attributes described above, in the end, the image quality let me down.

    Image Quality
    Image quality from the S3 IS isn't bad - far from it. Canon's image processing technology produces some of the cleanest digital picture files of any manufacturer. They were probably the first to really get skin tones right (as long as they're Caucasian skin tones). Most people like Canon's color balance and the final images are usually acceptably sharp and crisp.

    For a consumer point-and-shoot, the PowerShot S3 IS performs well at high sensitivity settings like ISO 400 and even ISO 800 if you're willing to accept some noise. High ISO performance is critical in some respects because there are times when you just can't get around the need for a high shutter speed (e.g., sharp sports action photos). And of course, high ISO settings always help in low light situations.

    So what's not to like? Very simply: dynamic range (or exposure latitude, if you prefer) and the resulting abrupt highlight roll-off. These two factors contribute to limiting the types of pictures a photographer can successfully make with the PowerShot S3 IS.

    For example, a typical wedding scene combines a finely detailed white dress with a dark suit or tuxedo (often with details too). This is an extreme photographic situation where you almost can't win - regardless of your camera. Most photographers choose to retain the wedding dress details and let the groom's suit go a bit dark. However, a photographer shooting the same scene with an S3 IS in less than optimal light will find it almost impossible to make an acceptable exposure with both dress and suit details. This common situation illustrates how the Canon S3's narrow exposure latitude can really work against you.

    The S3 IS does not fare so well in simpler circumstances either. This common mountain scene with clouds and snow is captured poorly due to the narrow latitude. While some highlights are properly "blown-out" to pure white (they're clouds, after all), the transition from pure white to white with detail (snow details) is abrupt and unnatural. Because the exposure was made to save the highlights from looking too unnatural, the mountainside in the foreground is too dark and shadowy. This image was even made with the camera's contrast set to low in a vain attempt to compensate for the lighting conditions. Of course the camera does not have the same dynamic range as our eyes do, but the S3's range is too narrow, especially when compared to other digital cameras in its class.

    Apparently this same exposure algorithm is also used in another recent Canon digital camera - the new Canon PowerShot G7. While the G7 is not the subject of this review, I believe the issue of dynamic range applies all the same. Michael Reichman, of The Luminous Landscape Web site, reviewed both the G7 and the S3 recently and proclaimed them both to be excellent, with some reservations. None of the images in his S3 IS review contain high contrast subject matter. In his G7 review, he discusses a photo of a woman seen from the side and how her forehead is over-exposed. Reichman, rightly points out that if we had RAW files, there would be more data with which to recover highlight details. But, we don't-not with the S3, or the G7. While I shoot plenty of RAW files, I also use JPEG extensively and I feel that most cameras I've used have a wider exposure latitude than the S3 IS.

    A good analogy is having a food processor with all the attachments but only one speed-high speed. Sure, you could do most food-preparation tasks, but you'd have to be very careful lest you over mix/chop/blend something. And there would be some things you really just couldn't do because they require lower speeds. There are some photos you just can't take with the Canon S3 IS because its dynamic range is so narrow.

    Earlier this year I actually bought a Canon S3 IS. But after one weekend shooting in the mountains I returned it and bought another camera. Later, I received an S3 IS for this review. I handled it and took it out to the mountains again and began to doubt my earlier decision. Then I downloaded the files and immediately remembered why it didn't work for my style of shooting.

    Most people won't have any problem with what I consider the S3's shortcomings. And as always, you should download our Canon S3 IS sample images, look at online galleries, and evaluate the S3 IS based on your own shooting style and subject matter. In my ebook, Take Control of Buying a Digital Camera, I repeatedly stress finding the right photographic tool for your own needs. Particularly in the case of the S3, it pays to know whether your photographic style and vision will be extended, or restricted, by the camera's strengths and weaknesses.

    Who Should Buy The Canon PowerShot S3 IS
    The Canon PowerShot S3 IS is a great digital camera for super-zoom shooters. People going on safari or shooting kids' sports from a distance (i.e., soccer/football) will enjoy the benefits of the long zoom and the ISO 400 performance. Bird photographers and other wildlife shooters will also appreciate the long lens and may enjoy the pivoting LCD screen, which allows you to shoot from the waist. (Note: sports/wildlife photographers should try the S3 IS before they buy as these subjects are fairly demanding and are typically better handled by DSLR cameras.)

    Casual digital camera users will find the Canon S3 IS is a great all-in-one unit. At the wide-angle end the lens is wide enough to capture a group of friends and even some scenic landscapes. And the movie mode will surely be a hit for those with kids or anyone who likes to capture and share short movie clips.

    The Canon S3 IS will be inappropriate only for those photographers who like to make high-contrast images or those who shoot into the light (something you’re not supposed to do, but I love the look and do it all the time). Otherwise, the S3 IS is tough to beat as an all-around multi-purpose compact digital camera with super zoom capability.

    - end -

    Canon PowerShot S3 IS - Box Contents
    Contents of the Canon PowerShot S3 IS.

    • PowerShot S3 IS Body
    • AA-size Alkaline Battery (x4)
    • SD Memory Card SDC-16MB
    • Lens Cap
    • Neck Strap NS-DC4
    • Digital Camera Solution CD-ROM
    • USB Interface Cable IFC-400PCU
    • Stereo Video Cable STV-250N
    About Laurence Chen
    Laurence Chen is a freelance editorial, commercial, and wedding photographer based in Seattle, Wash. His clients have included Fortune Magazine, Sunset Magazine, and America 24/7. Visit his portfolio at www.Lchenphoto.com and buy his e-book, "Take Control of Buying a Digital Camera", at http://www.takecontrolbooks.com/buying-digicam.html.

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    User Reviews

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:4
    Submitted by jason_g a Expert

    Date Reviewed: December 3, 2008

    Strengths:    Uses AA Batteries.
    Made in Japan (so it says).
    As good as the the photographer (I) can get it to work. I am still learning tricks, specially in the shutter speed area. Example: Tv.
    12x Zoom meets my needs.
    Features such as: L-M2-S-W are very great awesome. The color density or opacity, brightness, and et cetera et cetera.
    Video does not make noise like the Konica Minolta 10x I had.
    Microphone & voice recording feature.
    6x MegaPixels meets my needs.
    Cord to connect to TV for quick viewing very handy for quick show with friends and family, just to mention a few.

    Weaknesses:    I wish it had a bigger flash. The flash gets shadowed over by my zoom protector--- more of a problem with close range shots.

    I still can't figure out how to get the best of low light environment, specially with people moving about.

    Bottom Line:   
    Digital Canon S3 IS User Review

    Expand full review >>

    Duration Product Used:   6-10 years

    Price Paid:    $400.00

    Purchased At:   a store

    Similar Products Used:   Konice Minota 10x--- they said this is not made anymore, but I did see a display of the same one I had, when I had it, at the guinness museum in Gatlinburg. I felt pretty proud of it then. The video wasn't that good as it recorded the zoom in-and-out noise. Camera still works till present, but have problems with zoom---it works when it wants and when it doesn't wants.

    Type of photography:   Outdoor

    Overall Rating:3
    Value Rating:4
    Submitted by sfpeter a Intermediate

    Date Reviewed: September 27, 2008

    Strengths:    12X zoom with image stabilization

    A swiveling LCD that allows photos from around corners or over a crowd, but to be honest I rarely used it like that.

    A base ring can be removed to mount an adapter tube and accessory lenses. I used it with a 1.7X Sony and the results were good but not spectacular.

    Movie quality is surprisingly good, with clips limited at 1GB in file size. This takes 8 minutes at the maximum standard definition (640X480) setting. Lots of people complain about how "short" these clips are, but that's only the length per single clip, you can record multiple shorter clips all day as long as there's enough batteries and memory. Long lengths per clip really only matters if you're trying to record a concert or presentation, in which case you'll likely be using a real camcorder.

    It has a special 60FPS second mode that is good for very fast action, and adds a smooth fluid quality to clips that would otherwise be jerky or hard to see. However, the 60FPS is only for 60 seconds per clip, and that is getting short.

    About the "right size" to be small enough to be easily carried and still big enough to operate the controls.

    A decent flash considering the size of the camera.

    Weaknesses:    It uses the same general internals as contemporary Canon compacts, so there's lots of noise at high ISO, although 400 is more useful than on the a540.

    It uses not two but four Nimh batteries. They don't hold their charges for very long in storage, so always charging up a fresh set right before you go is best. Even still, they may just run short on you, and the shelf life is not very long, about 1-3 years. I personally hate Nimh batteries, although other people like the convenience of just buying them at the store. I'd take a lithium-ion any day.

    Lots of extra "features" like color swapping or movie clip trimming that you can do on your PC and seem mostly like just gimmicks.

    Compared to DSLR cameras it has a dismal burst rate, autofocus, and general speed of operation. While the price was good for a new camera, at this point a used Rebel 300 DSLR would be a good alternative. The difference in being able to capture fast action or shots indoors is amazing, and makes a "superzoom bridge" camera like this useful mainly for the movie mode.

    Bottom Line:   
    The S3 tries to be a Swiss army knife camera, with everything from a superzoom to a movie mode to a swiveling LCD. However, it's ends up being more a Jack of All Trades that does many tasks well but never truly exceeds.

    Expand full review >>

    Duration Product Used:   6-10 years

    Price Paid:    $300.00

    Purchased At:   Do not remember

    Similar Products Used:   a540

    Type of photography:   Outdoor

    Overall Rating:3
    Value Rating:3
    Submitted by kurttarvis a Professional

    Date Reviewed: June 23, 2008

    Strengths:    Strong body, good resolution, good color, great optical zoom, cool body design, awesome moving LCD screen

    Weaknesses:    not great manual features, takes 4-AA batteries, poor low light image quality, poor viewfinder.

    Bottom Line:   
    The Canon PowerShot S3 IS has 6 megapixels and the 12x optical ulta zoom plus additional digital zoom. It's an alright camera for the not so serious photographer. Does good for scenery but not so much for portraits.

    Expand full review >>

    Duration Product Used:   2-5 years

    Price Paid:    $275.00

    Purchased At:   ebay

    Similar Products Used:   Sony H7, Sony F717

    Type of photography:   Outdoor

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:4
    Submitted by cesar garcia a Intermediate

    Date Reviewed: September 29, 2007

    Strengths:    very good 12x zoom lens,image stabilization,nice features like color assent,swap,manual,nice color choices,good contrast...a very powerful flash, good battery life. swivel screen is very handy especially when taking very low to the ground shots. has manual focus, super macro (best macro i have seen) button layout is simple and easy to use. the converter and lens work fairly well, plus you can take infrared shots!

    Weaknesses:    Anything over iso 200 is too noisy to use, no hot shoe, wish there was a bulb feature, longest exposure is 15 sec, the auto focus is not always spot on(thank god for manual focus)

    Bottom Line:   
    i have had this camera for quite a while, it came with the converter a telephoto,wide angle, and few filter... i have to say i love this camera!!! hands down this is probably the best camera for $$ and features in its class! if you are looking for a camera with allot of features but don't want to buy an SLR or want to get into photography this is definitely a good start!

    Expand full review >>

    Duration Product Used:   2-5 years

    Price Paid:    $300.00

    Purchased At:   ebay

    Similar Products Used:   multiple kodak and sony and nikon cameras.

    Type of photography:   Fine Art

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:4
    Submitted by M a Intermediate

    Date Reviewed: June 30, 2007

    Strengths:    12X optical zoom
    great quality lens
    adapter and lenses available
    long battery life on 4AA's
    supports sandisk 4gb sandisk sd card that I have
    many many shoot modes
    great video quality capturing

    Weaknesses:    due to high quality video recording, file size is huge, which is time consuming when transfering video and have to convert video to diff. format for smaller file size.

    Bottom Line:   
    I have had this camera for a very long time. It did not support raw format, but now there is a firmware update for experienced users that supports capturing to this raw format.

    Expand full review >>

    Duration Product Used:   2-5 years

    Price Paid:    $399.00

    Purchased At:   Office Depot

    Type of photography:   People

    Reviews 1 - 5 (13 Reviews Total) | Next 15

    Review Options:  Sorted by Latest Review | Sort by Best Rating

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    Hi, I have a Canon Powershot S3 IS. It was working great today afternoon. I took some nice pictures changing the modes and some settings. All of a sudden my camera stopped showing up the scene that is in front of its lens. I can see all the other parameters and configuration setting numbers. But ... Read More »

    Connect adapter to powershot S3 iS?

    Newbie question. I have a Canon powershot S3 is. I bought a TC-DC58B teleconverter. I believe I need to use an LA-DC58E adapter to connect the two together? Or so my user guide says. How? It's obvious how the adapter and teleconverter connect, but I don't see how the adapter fits the camera? Help!Read More »

    Canon PowerShot S3 IS or Fujifilm Finepix S6000fd

    i like both these camara's but i need to know which is better for the money ... i only takes picture as a hobby and and never printed anything bigger then 8x10 but i'll love to order bigger prints laters ,, which camara is best for me .. P.S If I get more money it's going to be Fujifilm Finepix ... Read More »

    Fujifilm Finepix S6000fd or Canon PowerShot S3 IS

    i like both these camara's but i need to know which is better for the money ... i only takes picture as a hobby and and never printed anything bigger then 8x10 but i'll love to order bigger prints laters ,, which camara is best for me .. here are a few pics i took with my HP Photosmart E327 5MP ... Read More »

    Powershot S3 IS problem.

    Hi, my first post here so apologies if it isn't in the right section! My camera has a little problem, and I've looked in the manual, but cannot seem to find a solution. The camera is working perfectly, except that the red-eye reduction lamp is permantly on. Whether the camera is turned on or not, ... Read More »

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