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Samsung WB500 8 to 10 Megapixel

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Product Description

A mounted high picture quality 10.2 mega pixel CCD High picture quality is obtained by employing an 10.2 mega pixel 1/2.33" high resolution CCD sensor. Clear picture quality can be achieved even for images larger than A2. A robust mounted image processor allows for rich gradation, fast and high quality picture processing. See how the unbelievably compact WB500 hides a 24mm ultra wide 10x optical zoom lens in its thin design. This amazingly versatile lens is perfect for shooting indoors, landscapes and group portraits. The powerful 10x optical zoom brings the action to you so there’s no need to move around. While the ultra wide angle lens enables you to get everything you want in the shot.

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Samsung WB500 Pmode/M mode light issue?

Hello, I have a question relating to a rather older camera - WB500. I was playing with it and I seem to either have some issues in adjusting the light in Manual and program modes, or it's impossible to do and I just need someone to confirm my fear :-) I was trying to take nice night pics, in ... Read More »

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