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Sony Cybershot DSC-F828 8 to 10 Megapixel

4.42 star rating
                      4.42 / 5 (19 Reviews)
MSRP : $1000.00

  • Image Sensor TypeCCD
    Resolution8 Megapixel
    Optical Zoom7x
    Camera TypeStandard Point and Shoot
    Interchangeable LensNot Interchangeable Lenses
    35mm Zoom Lens28 - 200 mm
    Digital Zoom2x
    Focus TypeAutofocus & Manual Focus
    Focus Range19.7 in. (w)
    Macro Focus Range0.75 in. (w)
    Focal Length7.1 - 51 mm
    Camera Resolution8 Megapixel
    Image Resolutions640 x 480 • 3264 x 2448 • 3264 x 2176 • 2592 x 1944 • 2048 x 1536 • 1280 x 960
    Video Resolutions640 x 480 (VGA) • 160 x 112
    Video Speed30 fps
    Max Movie LengthWithout Limit (Depends on the camera free memory size)
    Video FormatMPEG
    Aperture Rangef2.8 (w) - f2 (w)
    Shutter Speed30 - 1/3200 sec
    White BalanceAuto • Daylight / Sunny (Preset) • Cloudy (Preset) • Fluorescent (Preset) • Flash (Preset)
    Memory TypeCompactFlash Card Type I • CompactFlash Card Type II • IBM Microdrive • Memory Stick • Memory Stick Pro
    Compression ModesFine • Normal • Uncompressed
    Compression TypeJPEG • TIFF • Raw Image
    File Size (High Res.)22.76 MB (6 images on 128MB card)
    File Size (Low Res.)0.07 MB (about 1,829 images on 128MB card)
    ISO SpeedsAuto • 100 • 200 • 400 • 800 • 64
    Flash FunctionsFlash Off • Auto Flash • Fill-in Flash • Red-eye Reduction Flash • Slow Sync
    LCD PanelWith LCD Panel
    LCD Panel Size1.8 in.
    LCD Screen Resolution134,000 pixels
    LCD Protected PositionWithout LCD Protected Position
    Interface TypeUSB 2.0
    Video InterfaceVideo Out
    Battery TypeProprietary Lithium
    Battery Life370 Images
    Self Timer10 Sec.
    Mp3 Built In
    Built-in MicrophoneWith Built-in Microphone
    Built-in SpeakerWith Built-in Speaker
    Tripod MountWith Tripod Mount
    Operating SystemApple Mac OS 9 • Apple Mac OS X • Microsoft Windows 2000 • Microsoft Windows 98 • Microsoft Windows 98SE • Microsoft Windows ME • Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition • Microsoft Windows XP Professional
    Width5.31 in.
    Depth3.56 in.
    Height6.18 in.
    Weight1.82 lb.
    Warranty1 Year
    Included AccessoriesSoftware • USB Cable • Video Cable • Shoulder Strap • Lithium Battery • Battery Charger • AC Power Adapter • Lens Cap
    Product ID21063800

Product Description

Representing the next level of digital still photography, Sony's DSC-F828 Cyber-shot Camera is the first to incorporate four-color filter CCD technology and a Real Imaging Processor.
  • Sensor: 8.0 Megapixel Super HAD CCD w. new four-color filter
  • Real Imaging Processor for increased speed and lower power consumption
  • Lens: 7.1-51mm f/2.0-2.8 Carl Zeiss T* (35mm equiv: 28–200mm) w. 2X Digital Zoom
  • Exposure: Auto, Shutter Priority, Manual, w. exposure compensation
  • Sensitivity: Auto, ISO 100, 200, 400, 800
  • Built-in flash and hotshoe
  • White Balance: Auto, Presets, Manual
  • File types: JPEG, TIFF, RAW
  • Movie mode w. audio
  • Storage media: Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO, Microdrive (CompactFlash Type II)
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Batteries: supplied Lithium rechargeable with charger
  • Professional Reviews:
    Sony DSC-F828 Cyber-shot Studio Test by Photo-John
    Digital Outback Photo
    Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F828 Review at Imaging Resource

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    User Reviews

    Overall Rating:4
    Value Rating:4
    Submitted by bruenig a Expert

    Date Reviewed: November 24, 2005

    Strengths:    sony listened to 7x7-owners:

    - Compact Flash Card/Mircrodrive

    - RAW (but disappointed with the software and the file monsters)

    - 28 mm Wide Angle

    - Parameters like Sharpness, Contrast etc. selectable

    At "Low Contrast" You have an impressive Span of 10 EV betweeen visible Shadows and Lights

    - compatible to accessoires of 7x7 like Battery and Filter

    - realistic colors, better than 7x7

    Weaknesses:    - Purple finging (only Wide Angle and Tele) and high contrast edges

    - Noise in Shadow and > 200 ASA/ISO

    - no exposure Bracketing with shutter times > 1/25 sec

    - lousy software, use ACR for RAW-Converting
    - Pay attention to flare with light sources just outside the photograph

    Bottom Line:   
    An impressive solid build brick of camera! Easy to use, just if You come from Sony 7x7 models. very impressive resolution, good colors. ultra sharp lens 28-200 for 90% of all photographic situations. fast, excellent autofocus and metering also in low light.

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    Price Paid:    $750.00

    Purchased At:   Duesseldof, Germany,

    Similar Products Used:   DSC-F717

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by cgarrard a Expert

    Date Reviewed: August 6, 2005

    Strengths:    -Price
    -Features, Sony only's like say RGB+E color, IR night shot assist and Night Framing Technology, adjustable body to lens angle (yes it works great and yes you will use it!)
    -Build, as stated above.
    -Great lens Carl Zeiss as we all know.
    -Good Aperature range in the low end
    -99.9% accurate lcd viewfinder, no guessing!!
    -CF card slot in addition to Memory Stick, you can have as much as 6gigbytes of memory in this camera if needed.
    -Video mode for those occasions needed (and not bad video either! you can use the zoom too... no restrictions on size of video except your card size).

    Weaknesses:    Minimal "weaknesses" I only call them weaknesses because Sony can work them out.
    -Some chromatic abberation (purple fringing) but no big deal, you can edit it out and it doesn't happen very often.
    -Above average noise levels above ISO 200 (however very easily removed with noise reduction software like Neat Image)
    Can't think of any others that stand out.
    -included software, yuck! (but you really dont need it much).
    -aperature range in high end...couldn't you make a smaller aperature range Sony, say f 2.0-2.8 to f12 or f16?

    Bottom Line:   
    What a nice camera. Sony has always been a leader in quality and like I expected this camera is not only well built, it seems some of the buttons and selectors are made by a craftsman. No creaks or wierd noises, just solid like a rock in your hands, only smooth like silk. So far this camera has done everything that i've needed it to do. The lens at the 28-200mm equivalent range seems the best overall, good choice Sony. Ergonomics, user functions, and picture quality are top notch, you almost feel guilty for buying it for such a low price! Easy to get used too, you will hardly use the owners manual especially if you've owned other Sony's (i've owned 2). I have small hands and yet the larger size doesn't bug me a bit, actually quite the contrary it give a feel of security that I like. Comes with some goodies, the upgraded camera strap would be nice but heck who's complaing. Ok, enough of the general stuff, lets get to it.

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    Price Paid:    $700.00

    Purchased At:   One Call

    Similar Products Used:   Sony DSC V3
    Canon Digital Rebel

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by timquig a Professional

    Date Reviewed: July 5, 2005

    Strengths:    magnesium body.
    Carl Zeiss lens 28-200 F2.0-2.4 is best out there in this class camera.
    ease of handling.
    superior color palette with e+RGB.
    RAW is a little slow compared to DSLRs, but it works fine.
    Live Histogram is a "can't live without" feature.
    Ability to use non-dedicated flash units for multi-flash setups is pro feature all the way for the serious shooter.
    Ability to shoot IR only adds to it's unique creativity as a tool.
    Ability to shoot very good quality video at a flip of the switch means you don't lug around a video camera too. You have options.

    Weaknesses:    A little bit of the purple fringing occurs at times. It only affects subjects with very high reflectance with high specular highlights. This occurs in maybe 10% or less of my shots and can be handled on post-processing with PS.
    I actually have two F828's now and the first body has exhibited more purple fringing than the more recent second body I received just as of late. This second body is brand new from Sony with a production date of December '04 and the first one was used and an early production one from the first year of production in 2003. I think there is an improvement in the newer camera in the images concerning the purple fringing issue. Still shooting and comparing. But all my digital cameras have some purple fringing. Just keep blowing up their size, you'll find it. It goes with the digital medium for now until they improve it. Not a problem. Just a given.

    Bottom Line:   
    I'm a pro and the bottom line with any piece of equipment I invest in is.. "will it make money for me..?"

    And the answer for me was "yes" from the first time I started to shoot with the F828.

    I've used it for modeling shoots, I've used it for product shoots, weddings and other types of event photography and rarely has the F828 disappointed me.

    It consistantly produces with usable and salable images. That's the bottom line.

    I've owned the 707 and the 717 cameras in the Sony line and seen the progression Sony has made in the "F" series of cameras. The 707/717 cameras had good to excellent image quality, but the F828 takes imaging to a much higher level with it's 8MP size, it's e+RGB processor/filters,it's ability to shoot in RAW if needed and even the ability to shoot above-average MPEG video when the need arises.

    These features force the user to compare it to DSLRS costing thousands more..not to other All-in-One point and shoot clones.

    I have a DSLR system that I've invested over $6,500+ in for my work, but the F828 has a place right next to them because of the imaging it can produce.

    I use the Sony as my backup at every shoot. In fact, often, I begin my shoots with the F828


    Because the color pallette with the Sony e+RGB processor is extremely accurate. In subjects where I'm doing modeling shoots, I'll shoot both my Canon DSLR and the F828 and later in editing, I often pick the Sony images to use for the portfolios because of the luminous skin tones and the crisp details without having to resort to lots of editing in Photoshop, etc.

    There is a certain color quality right out of the camera I prefer that the F828 possesses that the more expensive Canon and Nikons DSLRS do not.

    This is most obvious when using the Sony Standard color preference, but also when using the Real Color preference as well.

    I can't quite describe it, but it's sort of a combination of the film color palettes from a Fuji Velvia slide film and a Kodak Portra print film..two standard films that I've used over the years for my work.

    Somehow, Sony has designed the F828 to produce a glowing, smooth skin tone like the Kodak Portra but with a contrast range that looks and reproduces like a color slide film, like Fuji Velvia.

    This feature alone makes the F828 a keeper. At least for me and my way of shooting and post-editing.

    Obviously, it has a multitude of features that has been decsribed elsewhere. So I'm not going to keep repeating. But another feature that is greatly appreciated is the fact that you don't need to change lenses frequently or to carry multiple camera bodies around in order to have a usable range of lenses at the ready when shooting.

    It means more time shooting and less time changing on and off the glass. Which is something a pro deals with more than the occasional shooter.

    Add in the accidental dropping of lenses and their breakage and/or of the bodies themselves or the increased chances of dust and grit entering the imaging sensor in DSLRS when you remove lenses to switch out inevitably causes downtime and repair costs to the cameras and lenses.

    But not with the F828 because you don't remove the lens, ever. And lightness of weight over the course of a shoot as compared to a bag full of DSLR bodies, lenses, flashes and multiple accessories needed to make it all work don't exist when using the F828.

    The F828 alone and just a small bag to hold it and a few memory cards and maybe the F32 flash if you can afford that is really all you need for excellent quality pictures anywhere.

    And of course, if are not a pro and you are not trying to squeeze a dollar out of your images, all the above is icing on the cake.

    The still images at 8MP are overall excellent as long as you shoot in the 64-100 ISO range. And the video is very usable as long as you use the highest video quality the F828 allows.

    Overall, a great camera and very satisfying whether for personal use or pro.

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    Price Paid:    $700.00

    Purchased At:   eBAY new and also us

    Similar Products Used:   Sony F707, F717, Canon 10D, 20D, Canon 1D, Canon 1Ds, Nikon D70, Contax, Pentax, Hassy, Leica, Mamiya, Minolta.. changed systems over time like underwear.

    Overall Rating:4
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by bfuller a Expert

    Date Reviewed: April 17, 2005

    Strengths:    SOLID feels like a rock and "performed" like one in the beginning. Programmed mode is really good. Tilt body remind me of my old RoliFlex twin lense and is as useful.

    Weaknesses:    macro is poor. low light performance POOR

    Bottom Line:   
    Mine was one of the first out, manuf Dec 2003. I ordered it in November 2003 and it was delivered Jan 2 2004. I have just went over 14,000 shots with it. Taken better care of it than any other camera I've owned in thrity seven years of being a photographer.
    All this said, I have been noticing a reduction in the quality of the images I shoot. I just went back and found a dramatic difference. I will contact BesrBuy tomorrow about repaire thanks to their 4 year extended warranty plan. This was a gradual process looking over the last years photos. And it is heartbreaking because I really do like this camera. I really don't want to get out my F1 Canons and go back to 35mm. I have used FD, stick, and mini harddrives for storage and all exibit the same quality loss. I have a DCR-TV70 that takes a better 1.1 mega pixal shot that the 828 does now. I will reply when matters change. Anyone Else experienced the same thing?

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    Price Paid:    $1000.00

    Purchased At:   BestBuy Midland, Tex

    Similar Products Used:   Nikon F10, Fuji S7000, Nikon 5700, and Kodak DX4800 (great camera)

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by Levon5 a Expert

    Date Reviewed: January 18, 2005

    Strengths:    Build quality
    Sony's name-don't laugh. Nikon didn't stand behind their product like I felt they should have. Nikon has tripled their digital business in 1 year (2004). There was an noticeable inverse affect on customer service quality in my opinion. Sony still has great customer service and has won the most respected product brand name award for the last 5 yrs. running! I suspect that Sony will stand behind their product a lot better than the "N" company did for me. I love having the swivel body for those waist-level, down-on-the ground and over-my-head shots. It's very handy-other bodies just cannot make those types of shots.

    Weaknesses:    None

    Bottom Line:   
    I was really torn between getting this camera or a Nikon D70. I had a Nikon 4500 that was good until the warranty expired then KAPUT. Nikon would not work with me on it even though it had few actuations. We had a good, long working relationship until that camera. *&#%@!! Nikon!

    My buddy to the rescue. He has used a Sony F505 for years without a glitch and talked up the F828's plusses enough that I 'considered' getting a digicam instead of a DSLR.

    LSS: I got the Sony. Build quality is the best of all of the cameras in its class though the Olympus 8080 seems pretty nice. Solid and not too "techie" to use even though it has many advanced features. The Nikon 4500 I had before wore me out w/menus. Sony simplified their system to my satisfaction.

    IMPORTANT: This camera has NO FRINGING. I have a Fuji E510 that exhibits a little fringing. In testing the Sony I tried to replicate the exact (extreme) shots that caused fringing in the Fuji. I shot the same exact scenes at the same time of the day and the Sony had NO FRINING. I tried every way I could to cause fringing but to no avail. I had read so much about the earlier F828s' 'problems' that I had a hard time getting up the nerve to purchase mine. All that worry for nothing. It appears Sony got its 8mp camera out of the chute first and corrected all of its problems on the fly. Good flare resistance, sharp lens, realistic: read "unsaturated" colors. I was expecting a huge boost in quality w/larger prints and it's better than my 4500 WAS but I'm miss getting 'slide film' type color. Very good camera. I can pump up the reds, greens, blues w/software if I need to. It's a keeper: I will not carry around a DSLR w/4-5 "fast" lenses. The F828's 28-200mm (equivalent)lens @ f2.0-2.8 wide open enables me to get shots I would have to pass up if I had gotten a DSLR. "Night shot" mode is cool if you have a need for it-I don't. I think this camera is a very good niche camera-pro quality shots w/a little distortion (nothing's perfect) from a rugged, handy- sized camera. Another advantage over a DSLR: I can take movie shots @ 30fps @ 640x480 resolution. I always shoot at ASA equivalent 64 or 100 so 'noise' isn't an issue for me.

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    Price Paid:    $800.00

    Purchased At:   Smile Photo

    Similar Products Used:   Nikon 4500-good until it crapped out on me (past warranty time but not many actuatioins).
    Fuji E510 nice but a little purple fringing

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