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BenQ A520 Camera Phones

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Product Description

  • Camera: VGA, 640x480 pixels
  • Java MIDP 1.0
  • WAP 2.0
  • Vibration
  • Network: GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900

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Canon Powershot A520

Hello, I just new in the forum, thanks to every one .......: My Canon Powershot A520 is stock and off, I can not reset the password, could anyone let me know the procedure to reset it?.....Read More »

Help with Powershot A520

I have just got this camera and trying to play around with it. I have tried numerous indoor shot. (where lighting is low) with my kids pic they come out ok nothing spectacular in terms of clarity + sharpness. Can someone who has this camera explaing the best setting for indoor shot vs outdoor. Th ... Read More »

Scratch on LCD Canon A520

hey guys, I just bought a Canon A520 a few days ago and i love it! Today i had the camera in my pocket for about 30 mins i pulled it out and it looked like i had some minor scratches on the LCD. Im not certainly convinced its a scratch but im not sure, it looks alomst like a fingernail clipping or s ... Read More »

Cannon A520...

Want to get my daughter a little carry around P&S for Christmas. Trying to stay in the $200 range. I came accros the Canon A520 at B&H for a very nice price. Anyone know anything about it?Read More »

Canon A520 or Minolta DiMAGE Z2

Hello everyone! I have been doing tons of research, reading countless reviews, viewing sample images, and going to retail stores to feel up the display models. And my total indecisiveness is wearing me out! My boyfriend and I are looking to spend roughly between $200-$300. We definitely want a ... Read More »


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