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Leica S2 Digital SLRs

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Product Description

Leica has once again revolutionized the world of photography with a digital S-System that's perfect for professional use. The Leica S2, with its premium AF objectives including everything from ultra wide to super telephoto, is an absolute photographic highlight. The digital SLR camera has a special new sensor with 30 x 45 mm and 37.5 megapixels. The S2's metal body is appreciably smaller and easier to carry than similar models from other camera brands, and yet it's also nearly twice as fast thanks to ultra modern processor technology.

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Shooting weddings with Leica S2???

Do you know anybody who shoots weddings with a Leica S2? I would be interested to see how MF Leica copes with weddings...Read More »

Used Fuji S2 Pro

This is officially sanctioned used camera spam ::cool: Raymond, who was part of Consumer Review (our parent company), and used to do a lot of design for this site, is selling his Fujifilm S2 Pro kit. It's a good deal and he takes good care of his stuff. He's posted it in our fre classifieds. Her ... Read More »

S2 IS and remote capture

Has anyone used the Canon S2 IS with the remote capture software that comes with it? My wife was trying to use an S2 today, by running it from the computer, but we couldn't fine a way to change the resolution of the photos. We could change the image size/quality setting in the remote capture windo ... Read More »

Fuji finepix s2 dead ccd replacement program

I bought an s2 pro today from craigslist. The ccd is apparently dead and I know these were replaced by fuji without charge because it is due to manufacturing defect. This began I believe in 2003. The latest discussion that I have found on the web is 2005. Anyone actually know if they are still r ... Read More »

Pelican case for Canon S2 IS

Hi have a Canon S2 IS with a LAH DC20 lens adaptor and filter on it. Flying internationally soon anyone fitted the above combo into a Pelican 1150 or 1200 case . Pelican and supplier websites aren't that flash on exact internal dimensions whether with or without foam etc. Anyone help? ThanksRead More »


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