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Nikon D5000 Digital SLRs

4.63 star rating
                      4.63 / 5 (8 Reviews)
MSRP : $729.00
LCD : 3 in. Display | Max. ISO : Auto 

  • Weight1.25 lb.
    Image Sensor TypeCMOS
    Resolution12.9 Megapixel
    Camera TypeSLR/Professional
    Interchangeable LensInterchangeable Lenses
    Digital ZoomWithout Digital Zoom
    Focal Length18 - 55 mm
    Camera Resolution12.9 Megapixel
    Image Resolutions4288 x 2848 • 3216 x 2136 • 2144 x 1424
    Video Resolutions1280 x 720 • 320 x 216 • 640 x 424
    Video Speed24 fps
    Video FormatAVI • Motion JPEG
    Shutter Speed30 - 1/4000 sec
    White BalanceAuto • Manual
    Frames Per Second4 Frames
    Memory TypeSD Card • SDHC Card
    Compression ModesFine • Normal • Uncompressed
    Compression TypeJPEG • Raw Image • DPOF 1.1 • EXIF 2.21 • DCF 2.0
    ISO SpeedsAuto • 100 • 200 • 3200 • 6400
    Flash TypeBuilt-In
    Flash FunctionsFlash Off • Auto Flash • Manual
    LCD PanelWith LCD Panel
    LCD Panel Size2.7 in.
    LCD Screen Resolution230,000 pixels
    LCD Protected PositionWith LCD Protected Position
    Interface TypeUSB 2.0
    Video InterfaceVideo Out
    Battery TypeRechargeable Li-Ion Battery
    Self Timer2 Sec. • 5 Sec. • 10 Sec. • 20 Sec.
    Built-in MicrophoneWith Built-in Microphone
    Tripod MountWith Tripod Mount
    Width5 in.
    Depth3.1 in.
    Height4.1 in.
    Family LineNikon D
    Included AccessoriesSoftware • USB Cable • Driver • Battery Charger • Strap • AV Cable • Li-Ion Rechargable Battery
    Release DateMay, 2009
    Product ID84617204

Product Description

Entry-level, video-enabled digital SLR with a 12-megapixel sensor and 720p HD video. The Nikon D5000 is Nikon's first DSLR to feature a Vari-angle LCD for multi-angled Live View or video filming.

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The Nikon D5000 is Nikon’s second digital SLR to offer video capture and its first to incorporate a tilt/swivel LCD display. The D5000 has a compact body with a 12.3-megapixel DX format CMOS sensor, a full range of shooting modes and exposure controls, and 720p video at 24 frames per second. Read more...

Nikon D5000 Review Contents:
Nikon D5000 Digital SLR - front and back

Hands-On Nikon D5000 DSLR Pro Review >>

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User Reviews

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by M A K a Intermediate

Date Reviewed: September 13, 2010

Strengths:    Much better or near same picture quality as compared to most cameras of the same or even 300$ more price range cameras.
The D5000 is the smallest, lightest Nikon that has technical image quality indistinguishable from Nikon's best D3 and D700 in good light.

Weaknesses:    Not many, I'd like to have DOF preview button , and LCD should have side hinge , but these are just wishes not serious flaws.

Bottom Line:   
The Nikon D5000 is a camera for people who want to upgrade to a reasonable DSLR from a digital compact , for people who want to use it for everyday or occasional normal photography, and a good starter camera for people like me who are into film and want to try a DSLR , the flipping LCD screen comes handy sometime , the kit lens 18-55mm is above average good lens , but one should either get a 50mm 1.4 or 18-200mm VR normal zoom for good sharp pictures, otherwise the kit lens is just as good.
It is a very quiet camera and offers the technical image quality of Nikon's best DX cameras like the D300s and D90, with the smallest size, weight and price.
The meter is very accurate.
The D5000 has the same Automatic Dynamic Range (ADR) Settings as the D300, D3, D3X, and D90, and includes the newer Auto setting of the D90
The D5000 has the D300s' sensor, the D90's AF sensors, the D300s' superb Gen 2 image processing smarts and the D90's crappy movie mode. The D5000 shares the same Picture Controls as the D300s and other Gen 2 expensive cameras..
Live View is easy to use (just press the [Lv] button), but autofocus is slow.
The INFO panel rotates as you rotate the D5000.
Automatic lens distortion correction works great.
The lens mount is metal, and lenses feel very smooth coming off and on.
In short, if you can't afford D90 , D5000 is the camera to have.

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Duration Product Used:   11-20 years

Price Paid:    $790.00

Purchased At:   SHOPHIVE

Type of photography:   Outdoor

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Sandee Kurtz a Casual

Date Reviewed: July 2, 2010

Strengths:    The camera works well in manual and with all the preset settings. When I'm confused, or know that I don't have a long time to get a shot, Ill use one of the settings on the camera. The option to do some minor editing on the camera is interesting. I like the ability to overlay one photo over another.

I love the GPS ability. I purchased the GPS device before a trip to Europe and it worked very well. Sometimes it was hard to get a signal, but I blame that on the country, not the device.

Weaknesses:    I purchased a remote to use when I use a tripod. the remote works well, however, I always forget how to set it up. It's not that straight forward. Also - the remote or the sensor, not sure which, is not very sensitive. I have to point the remote directly at the front of the camera.

Bottom Line:   
I've had my Nikon D5000 for almost one year now. I've taken two different photography courses using this camera and am very happy with the camera. The camera is very good for a first time DSLR user, like me. The instructions and other books make it easy to figure things out. The menu system is not at all over whelming. I've been happy with the photos that I've taken too. I also like the weight of the camera, it's not too heavy, and is comfortable to use. I recommend the D5000 to beginner and intermediate photographers.

I recommend getting the GPS, a good tripod and the remote.

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Duration Product Used:   2-5 years

Price Paid:    $789.00

Similar Products Used:   At work we have a Nikon D80. This is quite similiar, but I find the D5000 easier to use. It may be because I am used to the D5000. I've also tried the D3000s, and was quite overwhelmed. I had trouble focusing on that camera and it's quite heavy. All of the Nikons I use take great pictures.

Type of photography:   Outdoor

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Alex Fell a Intermediate

Date Reviewed: May 23, 2010

Strengths:    Swivel screen.Live view.4fps.HD video.12.3 megapixels.11 autofocus points.

Weaknesses:    No Autofocus during video all manual unless u lock onto a moving object before starting.

Bottom Line:   
I love this camera, this is my first SLR and its amazing. the 4fps is nice for sports.i would suggest buying this cam with the 18-55 vr AF lens its really usefull for family events.

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Duration Product Used:   2-5 years

Price Paid:    $750.00

Purchased At:   Target

Similar Products Used:   NIkon 55-200 AF Lens,18-55 Nikon AF and VR lens

Overall Rating:3
Value Rating:2
Submitted by STEVE STEINBERG a Casual

Date Reviewed: January 19, 2010

Strengths:    Price (?); ease of use; video; live view.

Weaknesses:    Size, not too great resolution, Nikon image processing software is difficult to use and not up to the qualify of others. To pay $100 for better Nikon software is silly, at best.

Bottom Line:   
There is just nothing special about this camera. By trying to provide a less expensive D90 Nikon hasnt much improved on the entry level dslrs and has degraded the D90 level. Of course, the live views and video functions are nice, I just dont use the video and thel live view only rarely (as I am still stuck with old fashioned viewfinders). In my view, unless you are going to buy the real prosumer cameras--D90, Canon 50D etc. a purchaser should consider the new micro cameras. Although the D5000 is lighter than the prosumer cameras, it is still a moderately large camera when compared to the micros from Pana, Olympus and now Samsung.

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Duration Product Used:   21+ years

Price Paid:    $780.00

Purchased At:   AMAZON.COM

Similar Products Used:   Canon Xsi

Type of photography:   People

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by James Morgan a Intermediate

Date Reviewed: January 19, 2010

Strengths:    Hard plastic over Stainless steel body should take lots of abuse, uses SDHD cards (unlike my old D50 which has to have the old SD cards which are slowly disappearing off the shelves).

Light, doesn't tire your hand. Doesn't use those rubber coated handgrips that slowly 'peal away' over time and heavy use.

12 mp sensor, no lag time, fast focus (even with the kit lens), a manual in "Layman's language", Nikon Quality

Movable LCD screen, and ablity to shoot video (although I haven't ever used it)

Weaknesses:    Would have perferred LCD screen to be hinged to the side, hard to use with a tripod

Older Nikon lenses require manual focusing (requires AS-S lenses to work automatically)

manual focusing of video necessary even with AS-S lenses

LCD menu a bit confusing (make that overwhelming) at first

only $50 less than a D90, which is slightly more capable.

no vertical shutter release (until a good Battery Grip Frame comes out).

Kit lens isn't up the the capabilities of the camera.

NIkon makes a great camera, but their customer service takes forever if it does actually break.

A recall has "tainted" this camera.. luckily, mine is one of the ones made after the problem has been corrected.

Bottom Line:   
As a freelance photographer for different magazines (biker events, paintball, civil war re-enactments, weddings, birthday parities, senior pictures.. the list goes on) I have to buy all my own equipment. I looked over the D90 and the D5000 before choosing the D5000. I love the moveable screen ( allows me to place the camera over my head to get shots that I usually missed from my old digital SLR (a D50).. for that reason I sorely missed the ole Coolpix 4500 I used years ago). quality and color saturation of the picture are good.. no surprises there.. it's a Nikon. The 12 megapixel sensor is the same as on the D90.

It's very quiet operation doesn't disturb wildlife (birds and such) like my older cameras. I expect a lot of good use to come out of this camera for the next five years.

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Duration Product Used:   11-20 years

Price Paid:    $699.00

Purchased At:   Best Buy

Similar Products Used:   Nikon D90, D50, N90s, N50, Coolpix 4500, Coolpix 995

Type of photography:   Sports

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nickon d5000

i am on the verge of buying the nikon d5000 and this will be my 1st digital slr i am looking at buying the twin lense kit and would like to know will this be a good camera for sports photography as i will use it when my son plays footy and hockey and when my daughter plays netball. i had a fujifilm ... Read More »

D5000 vs D3100 for Fashion Student

Hi, I am about to purchase my first DSLR and don't know too much about cameras, so I would like some advice as to which camera to get. I am a fashion student, so the use of the camera would primarily be fashion oriented. I have been reading a lot about the D5000 and D3100 and it seems to be a spli ... Read More »

Q about Low and High ISO settings on D5000

Just got a D5000 kit and took it out last night for some night shooting, it's very different to the XTi that I used to use so bear with me with the newb questions. During last night shooting I tried to use the High (Hi.03, .07 and 1) ISO and noticed that my pics came out with B/W areas; is it suppo ... Read More »

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