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Nikon D5100 Digital SLRs

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MSRP : $599.99
LCD : 3 in. Display | Max. ISO : 100 

Product Description

The Nikon D5100 is a 16-megapixel DX-format entry-level to mid-range digital SLR with a 3-inch tilt-swivel LCD and 1080p full HD video with selectable frame rates. The D5100 gets its image quality from the D7000 and its auto focus from the D3100, effectively splitting the difference between those two cameras.

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Advice needed D3300 vs D5100

i am buying my first dslr and need help in deciding between the nikon d3300 and d5100Read More »

Cleaning a sticky DSLR lens? (D5100)

[COLOR=#333333][FONT=Helvetica]I've made a huge mistake.[/FONT][/COLOR] [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Helvetica]Geocaching, drinking a beer, and taking pictures is not a particularly good combination of things to do when one only has two hands.[/FONT][/COLOR] [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Helvetica]On bending over, ... Read More »

Using pre AFL lenses on the D5100 or 3100

I'm thinking of upgrading from my D40 to one of the 16 megapixel startup Nikons like the D5100 or the D3100. I have a lot of pre AFL lenses that I use manually on the D40. Will I still be able to use those lenses without damaging the camera if I upgrade?Read More »

Purchasing a D5100 which Lense?

Hey guys! Just found this site a few days ago and have already learned a lot. I've always liked taking pictures but just had a point and shoot. Finally decided to upgrade to a SLR camera. Been looking at Best Buy and they have a package where you can get the body and 18-55mm VR Lens. . Of cours ... Read More »

Nikon D7000 or D5100?

I am trying to decide between a D7000 (what I want) or a D5100. Any thoughts? Time to upgrade my aging and well used and abused D70 (obviously) I have some solid lenses I have accrued over time and am happy. Love the solid feel of the D7000. Obviously I do not upgrade bodies very often. But just can ... Read More »

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