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Konica Minolta Maxxum 70 35mm SLRs

4.14 star rating
                      4.14 / 5 (7 Reviews)
MSRP : $175.00

  • Lens MountMinolta A-Type
    Camera TypeSLR (Single Lens Reflex)
    Film Type35mm
    Battery TypeLithium Battery
    Focus TypeAutofocus • Manual Focus
    Focus LockWith Focus Lock
    Number of Focusing Points9
    Minimum Focus Distance3.3 ft.
    Interchangeable LensesInterchangeable Lenses
    Shutter Speed30 - 1/2000 sec
    Max Flash Sync Speed1/90 sec
    ISO Range - Automatic SettingISO 25 - 5,000
    ISO Range - Manual SettingISO 6 - 6,400
    Frames Per Second3 fps
    Manual Shooting ModesAperture Priority • Shutter Priority
    Light Metering ModesSpot Weighted • TTL
    Auto ExposureYes
    Flash Recycling Time4 sec
    Red Eye ReductionWith Red Eye Reduction
    Flash Guide Number (ft)52
    Bulb Shutter SpeedWith Bulb Shutter Speed
    Self TimerYes
    Automatic Shooting ModesLandscape • Night • Sports • Portrait
    Film Auto TransportLoading • Transport • Rewind
    Dioptric Adjustment Rangefrom -2 to +1
    Eye Relief16 mm
    Viewfinder Frame Coverage90 %
    Viewfinder Magnification0.7X
    Depth2.62 in.
    Height3.62 in.
    Width5.31 in.
    Weight13.2 oz.
    Product ID22056576

Product Description

Because of its full selection of features and ease of use, the Maxxum 70 DATE is ideal for beginners, family users, and photo hobbyists -- value-conscious consumers who want a quality camera they can grow with.
  • AF modes: Automatic AF, Single-shot AF, Continuous AF, DMF
  • Exposre: Programmed AE, Aperture priority, Shutter priority, Manual, scene modes, exposre compensation, and exposure bracketing
  • Metering: 14-segment honeycomb-pattern TTL and spot meter
  • Built-in flash; guide number -52 feet (16m) at ISO 100
  • Flash-sync speed: 1/90 second, higher with high-speed sync(HSS) and 5400HS, 5600HS(D), and 3600HS(D) flash.
  • Max advance speed: 3 frames per second
  • Self-timer

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    User Reviews

    Overall Rating:4
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by Bill Latta a Intermediate

    Date Reviewed: December 15, 2006

    Strengths:    Fast 9 Point Illuminated Focusing
    Fast 3 FPS film advance
    35 Custom Functions!
    Great Rubberized Grip
    Just the right size and weight

    Weaknesses:    Can't get a battery grip for it - though I don't really need one
    Questions about build quality (there a ton of reconditioned ones on Ebay)
    Cheap price outweighs the concerns about build quality!

    Bottom Line:   
    Minolta did a great job combining excellent value and and a wealth of features in the Maxxum 70. I just upgraded from a Maxxum 5 to the Maxxum 70, and though I think the Maxxum 5 is a great camera, it's small size and small grip made it difficult to hold and operate. Although very compact, the Maxxum 70 is larger and a bit heavier than the Maxxum 5 and has a very nice rubberized grip that makes the camera easy to hold and operate, even with larger lenses. The Maxxum 70 also has nine illuminated focusing points compared to the seven points on the 5, and has more Custom Functions than you will ever need! It has very fast focusing and subject tracking, and with a fast 3 Frames Per Second film advance makes it suitable for capturing sports action as well as for taking great portraits and landscape shots. Combined with a decent lens and a Maxxum flash with an automatic zoom head (I have the 3500xi) it is a great setup for taking indoor pictures with flash. I have compared the Maxxum 70 to the newer Nikon N75, and the 70 beats the N75 hands down. It has 4 more focusing points, faster focusing, and is much more comfortable to hold and operate. Plus you have Wireless Flash and High Speed Flash Capability! All in all a great camera for the beginning to more serious photographer, and for the price you can get them for these days it really is a bargain!

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    Duration Product Used:   11-20 years

    Price Paid:    $55.00

    Purchased At:   Ebay

    Similar Products Used:   Minolta Maxxum 3000i, 300si, 400si, XTSI, HTSI Plus, Maxxum 5, Nikon N65, Canon Rebel 2000, Canon Rebel G, Canon Elan 7

    Type of photography:   People

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:4
    Submitted by JEREMY a Intermediate

    Date Reviewed: October 4, 2006

    Bottom Line:   
    This camera has been nothing but amazing. This is my first camera and I have no regrets. I get nothing but quality pictures from it. The controls are easy to use and everything about it is good.

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    Duration Product Used:   2-5 years

    Price Paid:    $200.00

    Purchased At:   B&H Photo video

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by zrfraser a Intermediate

    Date Reviewed: August 22, 2006

    Strengths:    -Excellent meter
    -Great feel and size
    -reasonable price
    -Great custom features.

    Weaknesses:    -Dim viewfinder
    -Focus likes to hunt in low light
    -No Battery Grip
    -Non-standard hotshoe
    -no PC terminal

    Bottom Line:   
    I needed a 35mm film camera for a photography class I was taking and my manual camera decided to be unfaithful right before the class started. After trying different cameras and holding them in my hands I decided to go with the Maxxum. The Rebel T2 was out of my price range, the K2 felt very cheap, and the Nikon offerings didn't quite fit my hands right. I picked up the Maxxum 70 and was hooked. It had a great feel, and I liked the way the viewfinder looked in my eye. I shoot with my left eye so I liked that the LCD display wasn't on the back like the K2 and T2. The meter is rarely ever wrong and the autofocus is great as long as you have enough light. It has a bevy of advanced features that can be useful but it lso has a great auto mode that all you have to do is press the shutter. The mode dial is fairly easy to use and has some helpful custom features like leaving the leader out, and switch focus modes with AEL button. Overall I would reccommend this camera for anyone who is wanting an easy to use 35mm SLR but still wants to take control of what their photos look like.

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    Duration Product Used:   6-10 years

    Price Paid:    $490.00

    Purchased At:   Wolf Camera

    Similar Products Used:   Canon K2 T2 Elan, Nikon N55 N65, Minolta Maxxum 50

    Type of photography:   Outdoor

    Overall Rating:4
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by ReDone1151 a Expert

    Date Reviewed: July 25, 2006

    Strengths:    Light weight-excellent for backpacking.
    Simple to use with generally good ergonomics (see below...)
    Super-fast AF
    Same 9-point AF system found in the Maxxum 7.
    Bright viewfinder.

    Weaknesses:    No vertical grip available.
    May not be tough enough for hard use.
    Slow sync speed for wireless flash.
    Inconveniently placed control wheel.

    Bottom Line:   
    Small, light, extremely fast autofocus (compared to other Minolta/Konica-Minolta AF cameras I've tried--the Maxxum 70 Date is even faster than the vaunted 7 when a decent speed lens is attached).

    I purchased the 70 after my beloved Maxxum 7 was stolen. Although this is not a Maxxum 7 review, I do need to state that the 7 is, in my opinion, the best 35mm SLR ever made. That said, onto the 70

    Build quality doesn't match the the 7's and, at the price, I would never expect it to. To me, it feels a little more solid than the Alpha/Dynax/Maxxum 5. It fits well in my hands. Has the basic bells and whistles found in midrange cameras from other manufacturers.

    Ergonomics: I would have preferred a two-wheel system--or even a one-wheel more conveniently located than on the front of the face plate (Maxxum 3/4/5 users will feel right at home with this setup). I also miss the LCD panel and joypad of the 7, but for a C-note, this camera is really rocks.

    Battery use: The reviewer who burned through batteries obviously had a malfunctioning unit--I've never experienced high battery usage.

    Viewfinder: very bright for a mirror-box type penta... the only SLR I've owned that lacks a true prism (and this is after using a 7--the best--thanks to the Accute Matte screens found in all Minoltas from the X-series MF cameras on.

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    Price Paid:    $100.00

    Purchased At:   B&H Photo

    Similar Products Used:   Minolta Maxxum 7
    Nikon F100
    Pentax K1000
    Canon EOS 1n
    Minolta SRT-101
    Minolta SRT-102
    Minolta XK-AE
    Minolta XG-M
    Minolta X-570 (2)

    Type of photography:   Outdoor

    Overall Rating:1
    Value Rating:4
    Submitted by Martin Conet a Intermediate

    Date Reviewed: June 5, 2006

    Strengths:    many features
    fast af
    cheap if you don't use it much (batteries)
    ok-ish stock lens.

    Weaknesses:    poor battery life !!!
    feels like it's made from re-cycles yoghurt cartons.
    too small, too light.
    dull-ish viewfinder.
    noisy af
    cannot be used with high speed ir
    people look down on this brand name (now i know why)
    bares no relation to the tank like 70's early 80's minoltas.

    Bottom Line:   
    late 2005 my local jessops were selling the dynax 60 (including 28-100mm zoom) for the knock down price of £140. after looking at the spec on minoltas website i was sold - this camera looks pretty advanced and this was a silly price, so off i went to buy it. big mistake!

    so i get home and unpack my new minolta. hmmmm it looks a bit cheap.... hmmmmm.... it feels very cheap. but that's ok, it was only 140 quid so what should i expect? still, it feels awfully cheap compared to my minolta x-700, but hey! it's got af and it beeps & stuff. so off i go with 10 rolls of fp4 and head for the coast. i have to say the af is very quick and accurate, pity the camera is so small and light, but then i think back the minolta website and remind myself that it's not small but "conveniently compact" and light. 3 rolls in to the morning and the battery meter is down to half. hmmm this can't be right, maybe it's just one of those inaccurate meters that drop quickly but doesn't die for ages. nope, 8 rolls in and it shuts down, so i head home. "they must have been old batteries - sat in the box for months/years" i say to myself. next day i buy 2 more cr3's (£11.00) and head off to the countryside with some tranny & colour neg. 9 rolls in..... yup you guessed it batteries are dead. this is silly, so back to jessops i go and try to order a battery pack. "they don't do one" i'm told. great, better give me half a dozen packs of liths then (£55.00) hmmmmm... still, the camera was only £140. it was cheap right?

    50ish rolls later: the leather handgrip cover is lifting at one corner, the lens zoom ring is starting to grind, the shutter is making a funny clunking noise and then it happened..... it died. no power, no life no matter how fresh the batteries are.

    died aged 3 months.

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    Duration Product Used:   21+ years

    Price Paid:    $140.00

    Purchased At:   Jessops

    Similar Products Used:   Dynax 4 - equally poor but takes BP-200 AA Battery Grip. Camera was bought for only £40 with full warranty - surplus stock (eBay)

    Type of photography:   Other

    Reviews 1 - 5 (7 Reviews Total) | Next 15

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    Hello everyone, I have a Minolta 3500xi flash in new condition and just purchased an as-new Maxxum 70 body. Can anyone tell me to what extent this flash is compatible with the 70 body? Thanks in advance for your help.Read More »

    Image from my New Minolta Maxxum 70 - My Nephew

    I would appreciate any comments on the following photo. Likes/Dislikes. What would you change? What would you do differently? The image was scanned in from my Epson Perfection 1660, so please pay no attention to the poor scan quality. Any critique welcome.Read More »

    Maxxum 5 and 70

    i was at ritz today and i went to look at the maxxum 5 and decided that it was kind of too small for my hands and then i was looking at the 70 and i really liked it and the way it felt. i have one concern though. the control dial was much harder to turn than the maxxum 5. is that how it is or could ... Read More »

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