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Nikon 8008/8008s 35mm SLRs

4.6 star rating
                      4.6 / 5 (63 Reviews)
MSRP : $0

  • Lens MountNikon F
    Camera TypeSLR (Single Lens Reflex)
    Focus TypeAutofocus • Manual Focus
    Focus LockWith Focus Lock
    Shutter Speed30 - 1/8000 sec
    Depth2.63 in.
    Height4.05 in.
    Width6.06 in.
    Weight24.48 oz.
    Product ID21337900

Product Description

This was Nikon's top of the line consumer autofocus SLR until it was replaced by the N90.

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User Reviews

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Park Bryan a Expert

Date Reviewed: June 29, 2012

Strengths:    fast AF (despite what everyone else says), durability and toughness, ergonomics, build, battery life, looks, large, bright viewfinder, intuitive, fast and easy to use, can use old MF lenses with this (most do meter).

Weaknesses:    The shutter goes off LOUDLY. This is the only fault I can honestly think of and, at times, it can be inhibiting.

Bottom Line:   
This is not my only camera. But it is my favorite camera out of the twenty-odd that I have available for my use. I will not leave town without this camera in my bag. I honestly don't know what people are complaining about when they say the autofocus is not fast. My lord, I point and touch the button and the scene is in focus. What more do people want? I couldn't be happier, as this camera usually will not hunt like my other Nikon DSLR's. This baby locks on in even poor light. It's far better at auto focusing than my more modern DSLR's. The metering is also right on and rivals my F3 for accuracy. Its ergonomics and sure grip enable me to take hand-held night shots that can only be dreamed of with other cameras. I have owned about 100 cameras in my long life and I will state unequivocally that this is my favorite of all as it has provided me with the highest percentage of extraordinarily beautiful photographs. I shoot it with the Nikkor AF 50mm f1.8 and Nikkor AF 28-85mm f3.5-4.5. I'm writing this about a camera that is over 20 years old. I actually have three of these. That's how much I like them. I bought one new in the box, that is my backup, so that I wouldn't ever have to live life without this baby.

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Type of photography:   Outdoor

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by sfpeter a Intermediate

Date Reviewed: April 10, 2011

Strengths:    Intuitive and easy to figure out controls, with all the essentials (exposure compensation, PSAM modes, advance speeds, etc.) right there. This was one of the quickest cameras for me to get used to.

Is autofocus, auto rewind, etc.

Uses 4AA batteries. The last generation of film cameras that used the lithium CR2 batteries (Maxxum 4 and similar) were much smaller, but you can get AA's anywhere. In addition, having come from the time before NIMH's were common place, alkaline AA's will last a reasonable time.

Typical Nikon heavy duty build quality.

Optional MF-21 data back.

Backwards compatible with AI (manual focus) lenses to 1977, meters but only center weighted.

Weaknesses:    Is supposedly a 2nd generation autofocus but uses the same module as the original N2020; in other words it's slow.

No attachment for a battery grip I'm aware of.

Simple (5 segment?) matrix metering.

Film at this point is for nostalgia and novelty. Deal with it. It's not the 90's when digital cameras had a low resolution and small memory cards. I sometimes shoot more on a weekend than I ever did in my entire history of film.

About the same size as a Nikon D90, except a little wider, and actually quite a bit heavier.

These are between 15 and 23 years old now, so light seals, corrosion, and general decay are things to watch out for.

Bottom Line:   
I think I set a record for getting a usable camera at a bargain price; the cost being $2.47 with a tiny chip in the edge of the top frame as the only defect.

The N8008/8008s was the top end of Nikon's "consumer SLR" line until the N90 came out. However, it ended up being used by quite a few professionals because of it's flexibility with older lenses and general features.

For most people who still want to do film this is a good camera; although even the former pro gear is now bargain basement.

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Duration Product Used:   6-10 years

Price Paid:    $2.00

Purchased At:   Ebay!

Similar Products Used:   Nikon N4004
Nikon FM
Minolta Maxxum 4

Type of photography:   Outdoor

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Drmike-tattoos a Professional

Date Reviewed: April 15, 2009

Strengths:    For indoor shots ( Im a professional tattoo artist) It takes great pictures of my work with just available light. Color quality is great.

Weaknesses:    When I use it outdoors on auto the color seems washed out or overexposed.

Bottom Line:   
Ive had this camera since 1991 and still use it . Its a great camera for everyday use but if Im doing B&W fine art photos I still use my Canon A-1 from the '80's. I like the quality of the Nikon. Its a beautiful camera. And when I need a camera with full auto capacity it's great. I have a BFA in fine arts and would never use a digital.I bought it new in 1990 for about $800.

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Duration Product Used:   21+ years

Price Paid:    $800.00

Purchased At:   Gene Hackers

Similar Products Used:   Canon A1

Type of photography:   Fine Art

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Dave Duke a Intermediate

Date Reviewed: September 19, 2007

Strengths:    1/250 second flash sync. AA battery compatibility. High eyepoint for easy viewing even for eyeglass wearers. Depth of field preview. Shutter speed range from 30 seconds to 1/8000 second. Iso range from 6-6400. Motordrive shoots at up to 3.3 frames per second. Matrix metering. (N8008s only): Spot metering.
Very cheap on used market, cheaper then some lesser but later Nikons. Ruggedly built chassis. Extremely intuitive interface (similar to N6006 and N90/N90s).
Extremely reliable. A pro level body at a point and shoot price!

Weaknesses:    Can't autofocus with Nikkor AF-S /AF-I lenses, Sigma HSM lenses. Only program and shutter priority with Nikon G lenses. Center point autofocus only. No built in flash. No built in autobracketing. (Get an N6006!)

Bottom Line:   
Nikon's first good auto focus film slr. The 8008 and 8008s are fraternal twins.
Go my first one in 1990, the S version with spotmetering and slightly faster AF. Lasted a decade. Have since bought several more with prices plummeting because of digital. This camera made me capable of taking better pictures. All points good and bad are listed below under strengths weaknesses.
AF somewhat limiting in this day and age. Kind of pushing it for action sports photography (especially regular non S version) but great for general purpose, landscapes, kids, snapshots, concerts, portraits, weddings , fashion and just about anything else!

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Duration Product Used:   6-10 years

Price Paid:    $50.00

Purchased At:   online classifieds

Similar Products Used:   Nikon N90s. N6006.

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:5
Submitted by thekanbi a Expert

Date Reviewed: April 21, 2006

Strengths:    Now costs very little. You can get a good one for about £100.

Effortless flash pictures and high flash sync speed of 1/250 makes this camera very suitable for wedding & social photography. Combined with an off the camera TTL flash lead, macro photography is a doodle

Very good viewfinder, compact and reasonably light in weight, very well built, takes AA cells and can use AIS lenses. Has all the features of many modern film and digital cameras.

Weaknesses:    AF slow by modern standards. Other than that not much to complain about

Bottom Line:   
The AF technology used in this camera is getting very long in the tooth. The single sensor AF is adequate in most normal situations, but can struggle with fast moving action. However, anyone who buys this camera should be prepared for these AF limitations. As a picture taking machine, the results it produces are second to no other Nikon film camera. I take a lot of pictures with the flash, often for fill flash and bounced using a single speedlight. With this camera, I can leave the speedlight in matrix balanced flash mode all the time, even in total darkness and the exposures are spot on. With my F90x I have to switch to standard TTL to get the same results. This camera can also take the MB-10 grip designed for the F90x if you prefer a more substantial grip.

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Duration Product Used:   11-20 years

Similar Products Used:   Nikon F90x, F80 (too plasticky) FE2, D200 (fantastic!), FM2, F2 and a lot of AIS, AF, AFD and AFS lenses as well as a bunch of speedlights.

Type of photography:   Other

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