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Mamiya 645AFD III Medium Format

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Product Description

Responding to the demands of medium format film and digital shooters, Mamiya has incorporated the latest auto focusing technology into the 645AFD III. The Mamiya 645AFD III employs a new, powerful and silent coreless motor that makes its auto focus system faster and quieter than ever before. A new focusing algorithm provides precise focusing under a wide range of lighting situations. To further improve focusing control, the focusing point is user-selectable and can be positioned in the center, right or left side of the screen or can be set on “auto” to let the camera focus on the closest subject. Mamiya pioneered the world’s first true cross-platform film or digital camera, and includes its latest MSCE (Mamiya Serial Communication for External) data transfer technology in the 645AFD III. All critical exposure and shooting information is internally exchanged between the camera and compatible digital camera backs. Whether you’re shooting film or digital, it’s the most affordable and technologically advanced medium format camera available. The 645AFD III is loaded with 36 custom functions.

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