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Mamiya RZ33 Medium Format

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MSRP : $17990.00

Product Description

Mamiya announces big news for large-sensor digital: the new Mamiya RZ33 camera kit. The RZ33 advances the long adored Mamiya RZ line to a new level, bringing the famous ease of use and versatility of the Mamiya RZ camera system to the large-sensor digital arena. No cables required! Simply add your favorite razor sharp RZ lens and a CF card, and you are ready to produce big, luscious images.
  • Ideal for the existing Mamiya RZ system owner
  • Integrated-operation 33mp large-sensor digital system – no cables required
  • Vertical-Horizontal rotation built-in — no need to turn the camera
  • Fully compatible with all Mamiya RZ system lenses
  • Leaf shutter flash sync with all RZ system lenses, up to 1/400 second
  • Integrated bellows focusing system: for close focus with every lens
  • Fully compatible with all Mamiya RZ system viewfinders
  • Includes Capture One and Leaf Capture image processing software

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