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Agfa SnapScan E25 Flatbed Scanner Flatbed Scanners

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  • Scanner TypeFlatbed Scanner
    PlatformPC, Mac
    Form FactorDesktop
    Supported Media TypePlain Paper • Bulk Objects (Books, etc.)
    Media Loading MethodManual Load
    Max. Supported Media Size 216 x 297 mm
    Operating SystemApple MacOS 8
    Warranty1 Year
    Product ID20168860

Product Description

Agfa launched its "e-generation" scanner, the SnapScan e25. With this model, Agfa brings the consumer ultimate ease of use with 42 bits of color power at 600 x 1200 pixels per inch (ppi). Three programmable buttons let users scan at the precise resolution for a specific destination - printer, email, or the screen for editing or uploading to AGFAnet - all at the push of a button.??While resolution tells you how many pixels of data a scanner can record for an image, bit depth determines the number of values or color variations it can record per pixel for a single color. That means that 42 bits of color depth delivers higher color fidelity - the ability to record greater color nuance. While some scanners interpolate color depth, Agfa's SnapScan delivers true 42-bit color. The SnapScan e25 is designed to appeal to the home user for both personal and business applications. It delivers exceptional scanning power at the level of ease and convenience consumers prefer. The SnapScan's unique...

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