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Apple Aperture 3 Photo Editing Software

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MSRP : $199.00

Product Description

Aperture 3 combines powerful performance with iPhoto simplicity to help you refine images, showcase your photography, and manage massive libraries on your Mac. With more than 200 new features and enhancements, it can help you take your photography to the next level. Now you can perfect your images with brushes. Apply adjustment presets to instantly create a custom look. And when you import your pictures from iPhoto, all name and location data is preserved.

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black & white with color accents in aperture 3

Ok so I am going crazy trying to figure out how to turn a picture to black and white but then add one or two simple color accents - eg. turning eyes blue, or the flowers pink in a black and white photo. I am using aperture 3 and have made small strides but seem to keep hitting a dead end. I can't im ... Read More »

Aperture 3 vs PS

This has probably been asked before but couldnt find it. I currently have aperture 3 and wondering if its worth shelling out for cs4 or perhaps something else (lightroom?). I am very new to dslr so learning both the camera and post processing. Any info from someone thats used both would be nice.Read More »

New Soccer Pics with Aperture 3

Used the new Aperture 3 to process my pics. It has changed the look. Not sure if I like it. They seem a bit softer and the colors are a bit punchier. Comments? 1) [IMG]http://jacobovitz.smugmug.com/Sports/Soccer/Burlingame-Panthers-Varsity/SJ18942/791103238_vxYZp-XL.jpg[/IMG] 2) [IMG]htt ... Read More »

Aperture 3 - Anyone tried it? Opinions?

I'm currently using Aperture 2.1.4 I've read a lot of the reviews/likes/dislikes posted on many of the boards. I'm going to download it today and explore. The new video processing as well as the non-destructive brushes have intrigued me!Read More »


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