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KlearVision Digital Kolor-D Pro IES RAW Photo Editing Software

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Product Description

Kolor-D RAW is a professional, fully automatic, RAW photo conversion and correction software that provides Photo and Graphic Arts professionals the use of the IES (Intelligent Expert System) capabilities to enhance photos for most major cameras and RAW formats. Yet, the user can customize the expert system parameters to improve the photo quality to suit his liking. The Kolor-D RAW is customized through a preferences window, this preference setup can be named and saved and be used later by the user. The following can be customized: Dark details, White balance, Colorful, Selective Hues, Sharpen/Soften, Paper type, Input/Output device and Print size and resolution.Kolor-D RAW enables multiple size setting (smart scaling) and crop options. ICC workflow is also available. Kolor-D RAW optimizes the enhancement of hundreds of photos in a set per one mouse click.

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