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Alien Skin Software Exposure 2 Plug-Ins and Filters

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Product Description

Exposure 2 is the new, even more feature-packed version of our award-winning Photoshop plug-in that gives digital photographs the look and feel of film. Whether you’re a fashion or wedding photographer, a designer or art director, with Exposure 2 you’ll have one-click access to the broadest range of film stocks and special effects settings available in any software package. That’s why Exposure 2 is the closest thing to film since film.

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Alien Skin Exposure 2

No, you don't have to call Fox Mulder on this one. I'm talking about the [url=http://www.alienskin.com/exposure/index.html]Photoshop Plugin[/url] I got it last night and have just been playing with it. Anyone else uses this software? [url=http://www.flickr.com/photos/axle81401/2332793857/][img ... Read More »

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