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Imagenomic RealGrain Plug-Ins and Filters

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Product Description

If you long for the darkroom age, the soft, warm graininess of the film, or you seek to infuse that fuzzy, retro look or perhaps enhance your digital photos by simulating the greater range and texture of traditional film, then RealGrain is the plugin for you. RealGrain features versatile methods for simulating the grain patterns, the color and the tonal response of different films and different scan resolutions to convey a truly film-like image effect.

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Imagenomic Updated Versions of Noiseware, Portraiture and RealGrain - Press Release

[CENTER][B]IMAGENOMIC RELEASES UPDATED VERSIONS OF NOISEWARE, PORTRAITURE, AND REALGRAIN PLUG-INS[/B] [I]New Releases Include Native Intel Mac Versions and Compatibility With Microsoft Vista and Adobe PhotoShop CS3[/I][/CENTER] [B]Alexandria, VA, February 13, 2007[/B] – Imagenomic announ ... Read More »

Imagenomic RealGrain and Portraiture Plug-Ins - Press Release

[CENTER][B]IMAGENOMIC RELEASES REALGRAIN™ AND PORTRAITURE PLUG-INS: NEW SOFTWARE TOOLS MAXIMIZE PHOTOGRAPHER WORKFLOW[/B] [I]Restores Film Grain Effects in Digital Images and Automates Labor-Intensive Retouching with Single-Click Ease Newly Enhanced Noiseware Plug-in version 4.1 also Released ... Read More »


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