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Hamrick VueScan Scanning Software

3.46/5 (28 Reviews)

Product Description

VueScan is an inexpensive program that works with most scanners to produce high-quality scans that have excellent color fidelity. It takes advantage of the advanced hardware capabilities of most scanners on the market today, and helps you do batch scanning while at the same time producing color-balanced and cropped images. Available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS 8/9/X

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User Reviews

Overall Rating:3
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Phillip Grace a Casual

Date Reviewed: October 31, 2014

Strengths:    I bought a new MacBook Pro which required a newer VueScan program. Mr. Hamrick quickly & politely refunded my $50 when it didn't work.

Weaknesses:    I could not get it to work. Granted I'm not a computer whiz, but this newer version seemed very complicated...more suited to a professional computer user. I couldn't even find many of Mr. Hamrick's guidelines listed to remedy my inability to make it work.

Bottom Line:   
See above, but my older version worked like a charm. This new version is complicated. Followed the instructions, but none of them worked.

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Price Paid:    $50.00

Purchased At:   On Line

Type of photography:   Other

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Bob Butler a Intermediate

Date Reviewed: October 19, 2014

Strengths:    Being an amature and old, too, I have a problem understanding printed detailed instructions. That being said, here's my experience with Ed Hamrick and VueScan:
I bought the
Vue Scan basic, then later had problems twice. I wrote Ed Hamrick after both troublesome experiences, explaining what, when, and how. Both times he responded, then told me what was needed. I approached him with a positive attitude and he answered me in kind. I use VueScan often and may up-grade.

Weaknesses:    I've yet to run into any software that was so simple that even idiots could use it. Most require a person to have a minimum of intelligence, patience, and desire; those who don't ... won't.

Bottom Line:   
VueScan is worth more than the cost.

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Type of photography:   Other

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:3
Submitted by brian a Intermediate

Date Reviewed: October 14, 2014

Strengths:    A good piece of kit, allows old scanner to be used with W7

Weaknesses:    Vuescan not very helpful

Bottom Line:   
The web site offers $10 discount for purchases within 59mins but I could not find how to get this discount. asked how and was given instructions. of course by this time the hour was up so no discount. Annoyed, I asked to cancel sale and this was refused

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Price Paid:    $39.00

Overall Rating:1
Value Rating:1
Submitted by lagunacat a Professional

Date Reviewed: May 8, 2014

Strengths:    Cheap

Weaknesses:    Ed Hamrick, customer service, buggy with multiple crashes and again ED HAMRICK! Ed Hamrick hates his customers! ?NO SOFTWARE FOR YOU!!

Bottom Line:   
I am not even going to bother reviewing the software here. This review is all about the biggest a-hole that i have ever had to deal with. This guy is Ed Hamrick creator of Vuescan. I am not a young guy so this is saying a lot. Believe all of the things you have read in the other reviews about Ed Hamrick. He is one nasty, ungrateful, egotistical jerk! He makes the Soup Nazi look like Mother Teresa. i had many problems with Vuescan working with Primefilm XE (Reflecta Proscan 10T) scanner. A scanner Vuescan purportedly supports. Apparently Ed doesn't like being told his software isn't working with a particular scanner. In fact Ed doesn't like hearing from his customers, even if you have polite suggestions. If you do suggest to Ed his software is buggy then expect a non-response, or a 3 word email response, or an email berating you that you are wasting his time, or some other nasty response with comment that he will refund and you should never to bother him again and go away or all of the above. if you happen to have zero issues with this software then consider yourself blessed. If you do have problems then just politely ask for a refund and step aside (ala soup nazi). One thing i am convinced of in my short experience with this colossal jerk is that Ed hates his customers. He loves their money and no doubt has made a ton of it off them. He treats his business like he is selling donuts-buy the donut and go away, no customer service needed. What an ugly excuse of a human being. Karma baby, karma.

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Type of photography:   Fine Art

Overall Rating:3
Value Rating:4
Submitted by Irma Prunesquallor a Expert

Date Reviewed: December 6, 2013

Strengths:    Very good results and performance, when it works

Weaknesses:    So-so Interface
Severely unpleasant "support"

Bottom Line:   
I used this software happily for about 10 years, putting up with its idiosyncratic user interface because of the superb job that it did, and was very pleased with the way it developed and improved over its very many and frequent updates. It has been a constant daily workhorse in my office, bettering by far the software that HP provided for my all-in-one scanner/printer. (HP software could not even manage to produce valid PDF files!)

Then, a new version of VueScan caused a couple of problems, and I had the miserable experience of contacting the developer (who also does his own customer support). What an objectionable experience that was! I even made a point of saying to him that I had been delighted with his software for almost a decade, but he was rude, objectionable and unhelpful from the outset. He seems to think that any communication with him that does not fit with a formula of his own is a waste of his time. He repeatedly gives a link to his website that supposedly tells you how to communicate with him - but it does not; it is just a FAQ page.

A bit of Internet research suggests to me that I am not at all alone in this opinion!

Having got nowhere in dealing with him, I just rolled back all my software to the last working version, and I will certainly not have anything further to do with Hamrick Software again. So nasty was he, I actually feel rather queasy now every time I use the software, because it reminds me of my dealings with him.

So, if you download the trial, and it works perfectly, then use it and you may well be happy with it, as I was for almost ten years of constant, heavy use. If you have the slightest hint of difficulty with it, then please make sure you get it sorted before you part with any money.

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Type of photography:   Fine Art

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DETAILS - More scanners supported - New auto photo-cropping feature - More RAW files supported - Improved performance Phoenix, AZ July 14, 2004 -- Hamrick Software, a leading developer of scanning software for consumers and professionals, has released VueScan 8.0.9, of its award-winning pro ... Read More »

Hamrick Software ships VueScan 8.0 - Press Release

[CENTER][B]Hamrick Software ships VueScan 8.0 for Mac OS X and Windows[/B][/CENTER] Major revision of award-winning application adds improved user interface and support for raw files for 109 digital cameras [B]Phoenix, AZ--- May 12, 2004[/B]--- Hamrick Software, a leading developer of scanning ... Read More »

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