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AlienBees CyberSync CSR Flash Accessories

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Product Description

The CyberSync trigger receiver is AC powered (50VAC to 260VAC, 50/60HZ). It has a one foot power cord that attaches to your AC powered light unit and an AC receptacle into which your existing power cord connects. Thus the receiver hangs from your light unit on its one foot cord without added power cords. A 3.5mm sync jack connects to your light unit via supplied two-foot cord. A termination for a 3.5” mini phone jack and 1/4” full size sync jack adapter are provided. The receiver has a sixteen-position frequency (Bank) switch and a test button. Setting the switch to the same frequency as the CyberSync transmitter causes the receiver to fire your light whenever the transmitter sends a fire command on this same frequency. Since you manually set the frequency there is no need to reset after power-down or battery changes.

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