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Broncolor Topas A8 RFS Evolution Flash Accessories

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Microprocessor controlled power pack with 4 lamp base connections. Flash energy 6100 J. Symmetrical and variable individual (asymmetrical) output distribution. In the asymmetrical mode control in pairs on the lamp base outlet over two channels, that means lamp base outlet I and II (1) respectively III and IV (2). Control range: 5 f-stops in 1/10 f-stop intervals; 6 f-stops when using the asymmetrical switch. Internal discharge when power setting is reduced. Photocell (can be switched off) and separate infrared receiver (can be switched off). Illuminated silicone keyboard and LED-display, resistant to dust and scratches. Modelling light with 5 proportionality levels, adjustable to all broncolor power packs and compact units. Ready display visual and audible. Dim function of the modelling light during charging. Ready buzzer (can be switched off). Can be switched to slow charging mode. High repetitive precision for digital photography. In symmetrical mode to be used with broncolor Pulso 8 lamp base; in asymmetrical mode compatible with all broncolor lamp bases. Integrated RFS Interface (Radio Frequency System) for remote control respectively flash release of the unit by radio by means of transmitter RFS as well as transceiver RFS from a PC or Macintosh computer. Built-in memory function to store 4 lighting situations while working via screen.

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