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Gary Fong Delta - Point & Shoot Flash Diffuser Flash Accessories

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Product Description

Point-and-shoot digital cameras have this crazy teeny tiny flash that looks like a tiny flashlight when you take photos of your friends. This harsh lighting makes everybody's face look shiny and oily. Gary Fong has invented a flat filter wedge that mounts on the telescopic lens of many point and shoot cameras. The diffuser has mini pyramids to further disperse the light. When the light hits the rear of the panel, the tiny pyramids send light all over the place, lighting up the entire wedge, and lighting the ceiling, and the entire room!

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[IMG]http://img10.imageshack.us/img10/4965/deltasn.jpg[/IMG] I like the left side more than the right. lots of light polution on the right side, maybe it's because the clouds are reflecting the lights back? i think i'll rework it, whats your other thoughts?Read More »

Delta River Take 2

Farther downstream on the Delta River. Richardson Highway, AK. Yes there is still a lot of ice on the river.Read More »

Delta River

Delta River near Black Rapids.Read More »

Delta glow over

The "Glow" caught my eye, the last usable moments of light in the day. This perspective was chosen for 2 reasons---> [SIZE="4"]Giant [/SIZE]german shepards that were barking furiously and I stopped right here. VERY large dogs...I stayed back. Critique welcomed. [B]Feel free to edit this as I mi ... Read More »

Delta 400 & Ilfotec DD-X

Please post your developing experience with this combo below. [U]CLICK HERE FOR DELTA 400 DATA SHEET CLICK HERE FOR ILFOTEC DD-X DATA SHEET[/U] Here are the manufacturer's recommended times for this combo using DD-X diluted 1:4. [B][U]35mm film & rollfilm - spiral tanks and deep tanks - ... Read More »


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