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Nikon 35-135mm f/3.5-4.5 AF* Zoom-Nikkor 35mm Zoom

4.17 star rating
                      4.17 / 5 (24 Reviews)
MSRP : $0

Product Description

A wideangle-to-medium telephoto lens, great for travel, candids, portraits and close-ups. Autofocus for ease-of-use. Focus down to 12 inches.

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User Reviews

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:4
Submitted by Stephan Bruineman a Professional

Date Reviewed: July 14, 2017

Strengths:    Solid, very stable and sharp enough. i.c.w. Nikon F5 very powerful and fast AF (I like film). Works also perfect on my D3. Bit heavy alltogether. Most of the time I use a tripod or monopod. Macro is an extra. Better use the 60, 90 or 200 mm for that.
Not for use on a DX. Suitable for portraits, landscapes and even documentary photography. Cheap as hell. Considering that it's an outstanding, high quality lens. Don't hesitate to buy one. It's a bargain anyway whatever the cost. Don't forget to buy the 35-70 2.8 D also. :-)

Weaknesses:    Heavy, no VR. Bit oldfashioned look and coating. Front element turns during AF. Bit anoying when using a polafilter.

Bottom Line:   
Bit old but still 'gold'. No money for expensive FX lenses? Buy this one together with the 35-70 2.8D (faster aperture). Maybe the 70-210 is also an option. Cheap, cheaper, cheapest :-) but good, good, ok!

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Purchased At:   Nederland

Type of photography:   Other

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:5
Submitted by michael

Date Reviewed: December 1, 2015

Strengths:    tough as nails, heavy (stability), outstanding bokeh, sharp, mid level acceptable colour & depth rendition from 15 elements, dirt cheap, no significant hardware problems (compared to say, the similarly built famous 35-70 f2.8 lens which has a hazing/glue problem on some old lens)

Weaknesses:    long shortest focal length of ~1.5 metres, but it does have a macro setting 0.3m at 35mm to make up for it

Bottom Line:   
Please note I created a flickr group for this lens at https://www.flickr.com/groups/nikkor35-135af/ because there was none... please contribute!

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Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by mike james a Expert

Date Reviewed: February 22, 2015

Strengths:    Mine cost $55 on eBay and looks brand new.
Works well on most Nikons I own - film/DSLR
Build Quality Superb
Sharp enough and excellent contrast

Weaknesses:    Slowish AF on my D2h but faster on a friend's D800e for some reason
Despite macro mode not really good enough for close-in work
A bit noisy

Bottom Line:   
What a diverse bunch of reviews for this lens which has given me no cause for complaint whatsoever when mounted on my F4s, my D2h or more recently on a D800e. At f5.6 it is as good as any other Nikkor on my shelf but most of the time it stays attached to the D2h giving me roughly 55-200mm in 35mm terms. It seems to be one of the very best combos I have tried on the camera and gives me far better results than the 18-200 VR for which I paid nearly $500 a few years ago. Made in Japan at $55 triumphs
over made in Thailand plasticky zoom.

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Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by Ian Kydd Miller a Professional

Date Reviewed: May 26, 2013

Strengths:    1. Well built
2. Good glass
3. Nice contrast
4. Sharp (use stopped down a touch)
5. AF is good on my D2Hs

Weaknesses:    A little heavy but that for me is not really a weakness.

Bottom Line:   
I have been using this lens as a walkabout lens for some time on the Nikon D1H and found it a little lacklustre but on the D2HS it is really good, sharp, good contrast and color and the AF is good even in low light situations. The little extra reach to 135mm is a real bonus for my street work.

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Type of photography:   People

Overall Rating:3
Value Rating:3
Submitted by Ivan Snger a Professional

Date Reviewed: January 7, 2013

Strengths:    1) Built like a tank
2) Nice smooth barrel rotation and feel
3) May be ideal for manual focus video application

Weaknesses:    1) Poor AF in general, but esp. annoying at the longer focal lengths
2) Heavy for a single kit lens
3) Not quite wide enough for single kit lens
4) Older glass cannot use any matrix D info, which would also help for TTL flash and AF

Bottom Line:   
I inherited this kit lens from my father's N2020AF system when he passed on and I have mostly left it on the shelf during the the digital years as it was just too fat, heavy and bulky to use on my DX D70 and D300 bodies. Once I had a couple of newer long AF-D zooms and a few AF-D wide primes which I depend on for commercial events, I went back to this lens to try it out for personal work like indoor family get togethers. Here's what I found:

1) The AF system on my D70 is easily fooled by this lens as it constantly hunts for focus indoors at the longer focal end of the zoom. Not only is this annoying causing you to miss shots that faster lenses would get in focus quickly, but noisy as well, causing looks of impatience to quiet desperation to reflect back from posed subjects.
2) The matrix metering system is almost always fooled by backlighting, meaning that TTL flash metering will be fooled too. At the point if I'm forced to use manual exposure, spot metering, manual flash settings, I'm going to reach for the right focal length prime lens instead.

3) The weight of the lens is not ideal for the intermediate camera user who carries more than one body. I am old school and carry about 3-4 ultra-wide to standard primes and one 70-200/2.8 for normal event use and digital three bodies. I suppose if I only wanted to carry one camera and one lens I would want one that focused quickly, was fast 2.8 fixed aperture, and gave me a deeper range in the wides like 24mm to 28mm. Forget newer features like VR or any of the ED glass enhancements, your camera body is not going to benefit and will have to work harder to meter through it.

The one reason I keep this lens is going to be for event video on my D800, using manual focus. I can't imagine it will be my go-to lens for that but who knows? The price is right.

Hope this helps!
Ivan Singer

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Purchased At:   Gift

Similar Products Used:   Nikkor 70-300 ED-IF
Nikkor 28-80 AF-D

Type of photography:   People

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