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Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G VR IF-ED 35mm Zoom

4.31 star rating
                      4.31 / 5 (29 Reviews)
MSRP : $699.00
Focal Length : 18mm - 200mm | Max. Aperture : f/3.5-f/5.6  | Focus : Autofocus  

  • Camera FormatDigital SLR
    Lens TypeZoom Lens
    Focal Length18mm - 200mm
    Lens Max Aperturef/3.5-f/5.6
    Min Aperturef/36
    Focus TypeAutofocus
    Macro LensWithout Macro Lens
    Closest Focusing Distance19.2 in
    Diaphragm Blades7 Blades
    Picture Angle7 - 8 degrees
    Attachment / Filter Size72 mm
    Groups / Elements16 Elements in 12 Groups
    Designed for Digital CameraYes
    Diameter3 in
    Length3.8 in
    Weight19.8 oz
    Product ID28331877

Product Description

Delivers high-level optical performance designed for use exclusively with Nikon DX format digital. Offers broad 18 - 200mm focal range for use in a variety of situations (equivalent to a 27-300 lens in 35mm format).

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User Reviews

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by Raymond a Intermediate

Date Reviewed: April 1, 2010

Bottom Line:   
I agree with the lens creep issue.
Other than that a very usable lens for most situations

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Duration Product Used:   2-5 years

Price Paid:    $870.00

Purchased At:   London Drugs

Type of photography:   Outdoor

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Rabid_Clam a Casual

Date Reviewed: February 15, 2010

Strengths:    Very versitile lens with both automatic and manual settings available for any shot one could want to make. Has vibration reduction to assist in clear images. Over all is a highly recommended lens for any AF compatable Nikon camera body.

Lens comes standard with front and rear caps and also the lens hood which is very quick mount and does not use filter threads leaving those free filters. FIlter does not interfere with the image taken at any focul length even with the hood in place.

Weaknesses:    This model has an inherent issue of lens creep where if you are carrying this lens with the front pointed down the lens will fully expand to full extent. Lens will not lock in position. Over all this is totally unacceptable. Nikon no longer manufactures this model because of this problem, the new one has a lock to prevent or retard creep. Nikon agreed with m y complaint and at this time they are repairind the lens at their expense uncer warranty.

With the (supplied) lens hood mounted changing filters can be a bit tight but the hood is easily removed so really is not much of an issue, just something else to do when exchanging filters.

Bottom Line:   
Great all 'round lens for both amature and pro. Fits a wide variety of Nikn pro bocies. Does not work with tele-converter. Compact lens easily transported. Has extreme wide variety of frames to create an excellent shot of most any subject near and far. Great quality lens. Is a perfect lens to take on a vacation where only one lens will fit almost any occassion. The 18mm wide angle is not as wide as what I needed but it is excellent for what it does. I did add a second lens, the Nikon 10-24mm wide angle lens which makes my set almost complete.

With only these two lenses I have a very full range of capabilities for almost any situration.

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Duration Product Used:   21+ years

Price Paid:    $575.00

Similar Products Used:   Have used Tameron lenses in the 35mm days.

Type of photography:   Other

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by armando_m a Intermediate

Date Reviewed: January 5, 2010

Strengths:    Wide zoom range


Weaknesses:    Heavy

Lens distortion at 18mm

Bottom Line:   
I use this lens with a Nikon D40, it was purchased shortly after the D40. Iin comparison with the kit lens (in the same focal length range), contrast and color is very very good, the main difference is VR. And what a difference! VR helps a lot in low light situations. AF-S works very well, focusing quickly and only gets confused vs a large area with no contrast. After carrying the camera for a long time it does get heavy, I like to carry it by holding the lens rather than having the camera strap on my neck. A small annoyance, the zoom barrel will slide up or down if shooting in nearly vertical angles, this can be a problem if the camera is on a tripod, also the zoom extends by itself also when carrying the camera in near vertical angles. Be careful with the M/A focus switch, I have forgotten many times to set it back to auto, specially if your are shooting in manual focus and at 18mm it is difficult to see on the camera viewer that the photos are slightly blurry. When using a tripod the manual says to turn VR off, I have shoot with a tripod leaving VR both on and off and noticed no difference.

If this lens had a larger maximum aperture it would be outstanding.

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Duration Product Used:   2-5 years

Price Paid:    $850.00

Purchased At:   Amazon

Similar Products Used:   Tamron 28-200mm on a film 35mm SLR

Type of photography:   Outdoor

Overall Rating:3
Value Rating:3
Submitted by Mel_Snyder a Professional

Date Reviewed: August 31, 2009

Strengths:    One lens for most outdoor situations - even sports, if the light is good enough

Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but sharp enough

Weaknesses:    VR is good, but can't compensate for poor technique

Not reliably razor-sharp at all focal lengths.

Really too slow to use at optimal DSLR ISO settings indoors

f4-5.6 isn't sufficient for sharply separating subjects from background

Zoom "creep" when camera carried is annoying

Looks like an amateur lens - no one will confuse you as a pro carrying a camera with this lens

Bottom Line:   
This lens is rather amazing for its range, and the ability to handle a diverse range of situations. It's in no way competitive in quality to primes, or even more limited-range zooms.

But sometimes, good is good enough. Example: The Paris Marche du Fiertes, their gay pride festival. Hundreds of thousands of people having more fun than you can imagine. I spent a few hours in the march, with my D300 and the 18-200, with a Tamron f2.8 28-75mm and a Nikkor 35mm f2 in a belt pack. The Tamron is very, very sharp for portraits, and the 35mm is like a 50mm on a DX sensor.

I never changed lenses. I got way over 1000 shots, and the only ones I screwed up were because of changing light conditions and guessing backlight compensation.

Here's what I find about the lens:

1. VR doesn't compensate for sloppy technique. Much of the "sharpness" issues are the result of photographers getting sloppy on focusing and bracing proper;y.

2. It distorts more at 18 mm than my 17mm Tokina, which weighs about as much as the 18-200. But for people-shooting in a crowd, it's fine.

3. The lens - at least mine - is least sharp around 135mm. VERY sharp at 18mm - stunning. I put it on my lap and shoot inside places where they say "no pictures" like the Sistine Chapel and the Sacre Cure in Paris. Results are terrific. I find that if I take the trouble to really make sure of focus, I get great, sharp portraits at 200mm. But shot-to-shot variability is great.

4. Lens creep is a bear. Lens shade is pure junk.

5. A high quality fast zoom like the Tamron XR Di is a necessity when you're traveling. This lens is too slow for indoors work.

6. Color balance seems excellent, neutral. My Tamron is quite warm.

In the end, I give this lens 3 stars. It's nowhere near as sharp as my 80-200mm f2.8 AF-D two-ring or my 70-210 f4-5.6 Nikon. At normal shooting, it can't hold a candle to my Nikon 35mm f2 or my Nikon 50mm f1.8.

But when getting shots from telephoto to wide angle in tight spots, its excellent. And if all you do is outdoor travel shots, you don't need any other lens.


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Duration Product Used:   21+ years

Price Paid:    $640.00

Purchased At:   B&H

Similar Products Used:   None as "amateur" - mostly pro lenses like Nikon f2.8 80-200 AF-D

Type of photography:   People

Overall Rating:3
Value Rating:3
Submitted by SanPasqual a Intermediate

Date Reviewed: June 4, 2009

Strengths:    Broad range of focal lengths - like having 1 good and 1-2 mediocre lenses in one.
Modest weight.

Weaknesses:    Distortion over a range of focal lengths.
Focal length creep.
Soft images above 130-140mm.
Flimsy build quality
Limited to DX camera use

Bottom Line:   
I have a mixed impression about the 18-200mm lens. The lens is definitely multi-purpose, but said capability comes with a cost in performance. Lens distortion is a big problem with the lens; the broad range of focal lengths, compact size, and light weight will compromise image integrity. The lens readily slips in focal length, aqnd that is a design problem that Nikon did not have resolved when my lens was built. In general, the lens has a flimsy "feel" about it; for comparison, the 35-135mm was a work of art and very well built without the aforementioned lens slippage. VR is a big plus and works well; however, the lens does not resolve with high image clarity / sharpness above around 130-140mm. In fact, images appear to be quite soft. There are better values in used lenses and for less as long as one is willing to dispense with VR. This lens is crippled by its limitation to DX, which limits use to 1 of 2 Nikons that I own. This is one lens that I may sell sooner rather than later as it is a so-so lens and will be less important as FX sensor-bearing cameras become more prevalent.

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Duration Product Used:   21+ years

Price Paid:    $589.00

Purchased At:   Cameta

Similar Products Used:   Nikon 28-200mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-D
Nikon 35-135mm f/3.5-4.5 Ai-S

Type of photography:   Outdoor

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