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Help me find a digital body for my old lenses

Greetings Y'all, I recently dug out a camera we use to use years ago. We would like to use the lenses( 26mm, 55mm and a 80 to 200 zoom) again. The camera is a Minolta "sr T mc-II" I have been looking through the site trying to find out if there are any digital cameras out there that I could use my ... Read More »

Film lenses work with digital?

I know this may sound very elementary, but will the lenses from my EOS Rebel X S camera (Film) work on a digital Canon camera? Thanks.Read More »

Will my older Nikon lenses work with a Nikon Digital SLR?

Hello, I'm not new to Nikon photography, but I'm relatively new to digital photography, and I'm considering buying a Nikon digital SLR (maybe a D-90, although I really haven't begun to check out the digital Nikon SLR line) My question concerns lenses. I have two older Nikon 35mm SLRs. One of t ... Read More »

ME Super lenses - upgrade to Digital body?

Hi Folks, My first post (just joined) and I'd like to pick the brains of other Pentax users please. I have an old Pentax ME Super SLR with a good set of lenses I bought years ago... the whole set has been gathering dust due my travels (easier with a cheap digital) but now I'm settled I'd like ... Read More »

Have the lenses, need a digital body

Hello from CT's beautiful flooded vacation shoreline. I have a Pentax PZ-1p with an SMC FA 28-80 Power Zoom and an FA 100-300 Zoom. I'm a pretty casual photographer, and broke. Can anyone recommend a Pentax digital body that will accept these lenses? Thanks! Bart BrownRead More »


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