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Gitzo GM3860C Series 3 Basalt 6 Section Monopod Tripods

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MSRP : $278.00

Product Description

This basalt monopod introduces a new size combination in the Gitzo monopod range. A series 3, 6 section monopod is the ideal compromise between height, compactness and weight, making it an all round companion. It incorporates the latest Gitzo technologies, including Power Disc, G-Lock, the new High Performance basalt tube, self locking removable foot and the exclusive belt clip. This belt clip is a smart carrying solution that allows to hang your monopod on belts or pockets. It is ideal when both hands are needed and you want to make sure not to loose your pro monopod. It comes with a convenient Gitzo display cleaner and a anti dust bag for storage and packing.

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