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I have considered myself a photographer since 1983, when I served as Chief Photographer for my high school yearbook and Photo Editor for the school newspaper. Having taken 90% of the photos in my senior yearbook, I proudly considered that book my greatest life accomplishment for at least the next decade. However, I never seriously pursued photography as a career after high school, life pushed in and I grew estranged from my camera, until I rediscovered my talents again in 2002 with the purchase of a Canon Rebel Ti. With that camera I shot a photograph that could have, had it stood on its own, won me a trip around the world. Newly enthused about my abilities, I purchased a Digital Rebel the following year and continued to hone my skills and cultivate my portfolio.

My greatest love is travel photography, although it is a huge challenge to have the patience to spend great amounts of vacation time waiting for the perfect shots. But the pursuit of the perfect shot is so much fun! My second love is aerial photography, shooting geological landscapes from commercial aircraft. Some of my shots from 30,000 feet are incredibly interesting. I've yet to find a market for any of my material, but that's more a matter of my own hesitation to move forward than anything else. One of these days I'll take that step and move into the professional arena, or perhaps publish a book, as I'm also a writer and poet.

Outside of that, I'm still just a mixed-up middle-aged kid who doesn't yet know what I want to be when I grow up. I do know that most of my interests lie in the visual arts. I got an Associate's Degree in Graphic Communications and worked in Electronic Prepress for the better part of the 90s. The new millennium has seen me acting as Lighting Designer for a local theatre. I'd like to explore filmmaking for awhile, but I'm discovering that I keep coming back around to photography over and over again. Photography is the one thing I'm actually DOING, and not simply dreaming about doing. So I'm thinking that's where I should be focusing my energy.

Who's to say. Going pro is a huge step forward. I'll let you know if I take that giant leap.


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