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Video - Is This 50mm Lens Indestructable?

Are you over-protective of your camera gear? This video should make you worry a little less about how you treat your camera and lenses.   Read More »

Nikon D7100 Review

Find out what a working pro thinks about the $1200 Nikon D7100 DSLR. Pro sports shooter Rob Norbutt bought a D7100 as a backup for his D3s and we talked him into writing a review for us.    Read More »

Canon EOS 5D Mark III Review

 The Canon EOS 5D Mark III is a 22.3-megapixel full-frame digital SLR with full HD video and a state-of-the-art auto focus system. As the follow-up to the hugely popular Canon EOS 5D Mark II, expectations for the Mark III were huge. The Mark II set the standard for HD DSLR video and arguably re ...    Read More »

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Dirt Modified

Here's one I like from last weekend at the track. [url=http://www.kinnearphotography.com/Racing/Eriez-Speedway/Eriez-Speedway-81912/24923626_V9c4hj#!i=2041628046&k=2KwJ45M&lb=1&s=A][img]http://www.kinnearphotography.com/Racing/Eriez-Speedway/Eriez-Speedway-81912/i-2KwJ45M/0/L/Eriez8190592-L.jpg[/ ... Read More »

Downhill MTB In Dirt!

Okay these are "downhill" trails. I took a few hour car ride north of where I live. Down here DH trails are rock laden and some are very steep. The trails here are soft, sticky and berm filled....:idea: These are at either 800 or 1600 ISO the old 1Ds II did okay. [IMG]http://i89.photobucket.com/ ... Read More »

Dirt Track!!!

Since it didn't look like it would rain until really late Saturday, I drove up to West Sand Lake to my uncle's house. We piled into his truck, picked up his buddy Bill and Bill Jr., and headed to Lebanon Valley. I posted a few shots from Lebanon Valley Speedway last year - I went there growing up. M ... Read More »

Fun in the dirt on 23c (Road Racing: Bicycles)

From the Hell Of The North Road Race on April 2 2011Read More »

Dirt face.

[IMG]http://gallery.photographyreview.com/data/photography//500/webphoto.jpg[/IMG] What you might want to know. I shot this portrait for a band. Like most bands, they wanted shots in an old rotten place that I knew of, and for me to drag lights out there :thumbsup: . The over all idea was to be se ... Read More »

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