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Dirt Modified

Here's one I like from last weekend at the track. [url=http://www.kinnearphotography.com/Racing/Eriez-Speedway/Eriez-Speedway-81912/24923626_V9c4hj#!i=2041628046&k=2KwJ45M&lb=1&s=A][img]http://www.kinnearphotography.com/Racing/Eriez-Speedway/Eriez-Speedway-81912/i-2KwJ45M/0/L/Eriez8190592-L.jpg[/ ... Read More »

Downhill MTB In Dirt!

Okay these are "downhill" trails. I took a few hour car ride north of where I live. Down here DH trails are rock laden and some are very steep. The trails here are soft, sticky and berm filled....:idea: These are at either 800 or 1600 ISO the old 1Ds II did okay. [IMG]http://i89.photobucket.com/ ... Read More »

Dirt Track!!!

Since it didn't look like it would rain until really late Saturday, I drove up to West Sand Lake to my uncle's house. We piled into his truck, picked up his buddy Bill and Bill Jr., and headed to Lebanon Valley. I posted a few shots from Lebanon Valley Speedway last year - I went there growing up. M ... Read More »

Fun in the dirt on 23c (Road Racing: Bicycles)

From the Hell Of The North Road Race on April 2 2011Read More »

Dirt face.

[IMG]http://gallery.photographyreview.com/data/photography//500/webphoto.jpg[/IMG] What you might want to know. I shot this portrait for a band. Like most bands, they wanted shots in an old rotten place that I knew of, and for me to drag lights out there :thumbsup: . The over all idea was to be se ... Read More »


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