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Polaroid's New Android-Powered Mirrorless Smart Camera

Camera companies are finding it increasingly difficult to compete with Smart Phones. To that end, built-in Wi-Fi is becoming a common camera feature because it allows you to take advantage of the controls, optics and image quality of a “real” camera and then wirelessly transfer photos to your Smart ...    Read More »

Pimp Your Camera, Yo!

Over the past few years camera makers have started adding a lot of color options for camera owners. It used to be cameras came in tough guy black or maybe silver, with the odd gold-trimmed Hasselblad, Rollei or Leica for photographers who had more money than they knew what to do with. If red, white, ...    Read More »

HP rolls out new services, home/home office printers

((Apologies for this late posting, the delay was compounded by several issues on my end.) Last week at HP's Annual Imaging and Printing conference, this quote immediately grabbed my attention: "I find myself taking more pictures than ever before, but seeing fewer of them..." If this quote describe ...    Read More »

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Disney Wabbit

Not on the payroll, out for a stroll and all these people watching !Read More »

Ivitation to view my Disney World photos

After months of research and planning for my trip to Disney World I messed up my knee three days before I left for vacation. When I wasn't being pushed around in a wheelchair I was straining to keep up with everyone else so my photo taking opportunities were very limited. I put a couple of pages of ... Read More »

A few shots from Disney World

Just before we left for vacation I messed up my knee and spent most of my time being pushed in a wheelchair. I thought I would surprise you and start out with a few pictures of the castle, Jeff :D:D Pictures were taken with A Nikon D7000 using a Sigma 17-50mm F2.8 EX DC OS HSM lens #1 Shot fr ... Read More »

Disney World fireworks tips

I am looking for any ideas or tips for shooting the fireworks at Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Suggestions for locations, f-stop to use, length of exposure, mm of lens and anything else you may have to offer me. The family including my two sons and their families will be going. We will be staying at t ... Read More »

Your best Disney World photos

The ViewFinder forum says [COLOR="Green"][B]"Our photography lounge - share your passion - get inspired by your peers!"[/B][/COLOR] I'm looking to get inspired by everyone showing me the best and most creative pictures they have from their trips to WDW. I know I have been asking for a lot suggestion ... Read More »

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