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GIMP HELP! newbie :)

Hello everyone I am so new its disgusting :p All I have until January for editing is GIMP, I am just wondering where to start in it, if anyone can give me any tips I open it and I feel LOST!! Thank you so much :) MelyssaRead More »


I'm poor and don't have PhotoShop. :) But that's okay, the GIMP is free. Hence my question: Do any of you GIMP users out there have recommendations for books and/or web sites that you've found helpful for improving your use of this software? (Or links to neat plug-ins you enjoy?) Thanks! And for ... Read More »


I was just wondering if anybody here uses Gimp? I can't afford Photoshop lol, and this has a lot of the same features. Has anyone had any problems with it? It seems really nice, and it's free, an added bonus, :D Thanks! ~SamRead More »


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