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PC Connection Cable Question For Hitachi DZ-BX35A

I have a Hitachi DZ-BX35A DVD Camcorder and I would like to know if anyone can answer my question about a PC Connection Cable. According to Hitachi, this model does NOT support a pc connection cable, yet on the front of the camera under its door is a pc connection terminal. It does NOT come with a ... Read More »

hitachi camcorder dzmv730a

Hello. My computer crashed and I am trying to find the driver for the Hitachi Dzmv730a. My computer also does not recognize the camera when I plug it into the usb ports. I did try to contact Hitachi for the driver with no success. I also went online to try and download the driver for free with no s ... Read More »

Hitachi 500 GB Deskstar Drives - Press Release

[CENTER][B]Hitachi Advances Capacity and Performance Standards With Next-Generation Deskstar Hard Drives; Hitachi Deskstar Drives are Ideal for Mainstream and High-Performance PCs, Gaming Systems and Low Duty Cycle Servers [/B][/CENTER] SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 4, 2006--Hitachi Gl ... Read More »

Hitachi and the Hard Drive's 50th Anniversary - Press Release

[CENTER][B]Hitachi Predicts Blazing Pace of Hard Drive Adoption on Technology's 50th Anniversary; Analysts Predict Industry to Ship More Hard Drives over Next Five Years than in Previous 50; Innovation to Continue Unabated [/B][/CENTER] SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 4, 2006--As the har ... Read More »

Hitachi UltraVision DZMV730A DVD Camcorder

Hi! I wonder if anyone here can help me with my problem. On my recent trip to the USA, I bought a Hitachi UltraVision DZMV730A DVD Camcorder. The salesman told me that any DVD player or newish pc's DVD drive would play the recorded mini DVD disc in the UK and that I would be able to copy it on a ... Read More »


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