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Eye-Fi and Google’s Picasa Make Storing and Sharing Effortless

Today, Eye-Fi Inc. announced a collaboration with Google’s Picasa, just in time for the holidays. Users that purchase the 200GB storage plan from Google’s Picasa Web Albums will receive a free Eye-Fi Home Video wireless memory card, a $69.99 value, that allows users to send photos and videos directl ...    Read More »

Google Picasa 3.5

Google has released Picasa 3.5, the latest version of their free photo editing software. Some new features in Picasa 3.5 include name tags, geotagging, and improved importing, uploading, sharing, and tagging. With name tags, users can organize their photos based on the people in them. Picasa 3.5 sc ...    Read More »

Samsung NX30 With Expanded Wi-Fi Features & Tilting EVF

We should all pay more attention to the Samsung NX mirrorless cameras. Check out their new NX30 camera and 16-50mm f/2-2.8 zoom lens to find out why.    Read More »

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PICASA becomes Google+ and I'm not happy

From time to time I need to give people access to images that I've done (including nudes). Up to now I used PICASA very simply: - upload the images to an album - invite the person by mail to view the album - the person could view the images simply, upload ones he/she liked and even send the mail ... Read More »

picasa, flikr or others?

I am looking for an easy way to share high resolution photos with my family. It seems like at every family event we all agree to share our photos with each other, but it never happens. The files are too many and too large to make emailing them practical. It would be nice if we can lock the files so ... Read More »

Google Picasa??

I RARELY edit my photos. My sole purpose of using Picasa is so I could resize my images and put them on the site. Anyone how to resize images in the site?Read More »

picasa 3

after editing photos using picasa 3 then uploading to a printing site my pics come back looking a bit grainy . Has anyone had this happen . shooting with a rebel xti .Read More »

Help! with Picasa & PSElements 7

I purchased a new HP computer about 6 months ago - and it's working fine. However, I'm having a major problem trying to upload and edit my images. At the same time I purchased the pc, I also had PSE7 installed. Up until now I had always used PSE3 which was quite easy for me (I don't spend much ti ... Read More »

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