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New Silicon Power 128GB 400x Compact Flash Memory Card

 Memory manufacturer Silicon Power has announced a 400x 12 GB Compact Flash memory card. The new memory card offers a maximum write speed of 90MB per second and 128GB is currently the largest capacity available for a Compact Flash memory card. For photographers shooting with 20+ megapixel profe ...    Read More »

Photo Destination: Big Sur, California

Big Sur, on the coast of California, is a spectacular photography destination. I recently spent a day exploring and shooting in Big Sur. Check out my article and Big Sur photo gallery to learn more.    Read More »

New Organic CMOS Sensor From Panasonic & Fujifilm Promises To Double Dynamic Range

A new joint sensor project from Fujifilm & Panasonic promises to deliver seriously improved image quality. This one is a big deal, folks!   Read More »


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