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June 2013 Supermoon Photos

Supermoon photos by PhotographyREVIEW.com community members, along with links to other Supermoon photo galleries from around the Web.    Read More »

The Best Hurricane Sandy Photos

I spent a good portion of yesterday hitting refresh, mesmerized by the photos and videos of Hurricane Sandy I was seeing on Twitter and Facebook. I’ve been using Twitter for years but the Hurricane Sandy Twitter coverage has had the most personal effect on me of all the big events I’ve seen on Twitt ...    Read More »

Renting A Camera Lens Online

Through A Glass, Briefly: My Experience Renting A Lens  After years of hearing about the epic spring bird migration at Freezeout Lake on Montana's Rocky Mountain Front, I finally made the trip in late March. I decided to try renting a lens for my weekend adventure. The birds - thousands ...    Read More »

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Yahoo email is resizing images

I just noticed that Yahoo email seems to be resizing my images down to 800 pixels long side. :( This not only gives my recipients a smaller image than I wanted, but since most images need to be resharpened after resizing them, it gives them a fuzzy image! Anyone else notice this phenomena?Read More »

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Birthday Cards, Free Ecards, Greetings - funny aniiversary ecards yahoo rthday ecards free ecards cats

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Daytime football again. Yahoo!

I was shooting at ISO 200 most of the time with my Canon 1.4 TC on my 70-220 2.8L so I didn't get the great background blur as I lost my constant 2.8 but shooting at an aperture of 4.0 isn't too bad.Read More »

Yahoo! Daylight football

A homecoming game between two rivals I shot this afternoon. Very overcast and rainy but at least it was daytime!Read More »

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Holiday Gift Guide 2013

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