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Flipside 400 AW

Flipside 400 AW is a high-performance camera backpack designed with a large capacity, premium security, all-day comfort, plus protection from the elements. Its unique back-entry compartment provides easy access to camera gear when setting up (keeping the harness off the ground and clean of debris), plus extra security when on the move. Adjustable dividers allow custom organization inside the roomy main compartment. Other features include: a mesh-covered, padded waistbelt, back pad and contoured straps for added comfort and wicking away moisture; a hideaway tripod holder to secure a tripod or monopod to backpack; built-in memory card pockets on inside panel; front storage panels and mesh pockets for storing additional gear; Hypalon SlipLock attachment loops for SlipLock compatible products; a built-in All Weather Cover; and silent zipper pulls. Perfect for the traveling photographer or enthusiast who needs to keep expensive gear securely tucked away, yet close at hand to capture the shot in a moment.

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LucDeJaeger   Professional [Dec 30, 2010]

The Lowepro Flipside 400 AW fits perfectly and ergonomically and is a dream to carry. The slip lock system makes it possible to attach additional bags and pouches to make sure you have all the gear you immediately need at hand.

The developers had an enormous eye for detail, not seen in other bags. You can attach your coat or vest on top of the bag (or something else). The bag is very customizable and sturdy.

Also, it's a large bag (just enough though to fit my 2 dslr's).

You should not worry about your gear to be stolen when wearing the bag because nobody can ever touch it. Your gear is perfectly safe inside.


Unfortunately, the drink bottle holder of the S&F system does not fit into the slip lock system used on the waist belt!! The strap of the bottle holder is too wide to attach to the slip lock system...

You can put the drink bottle in one of the pouches (mesh holders) aside of the Flipside though but you need some yoga to get the bottle out of the mesh holder (especially if you're alone). Because I also wear some special gear to hold my 2 cameras around my shoulders, I cannot take off the flipside easily.

So, I really want to have a drink bottle 'at hand' without the need to get rid of my gear and backpack and this is not possible here. I wish some of the slip locks were wider so that I could attach my drink bottle holder to the waist belt instead of the mesh holder on the flipside.

While the Flipside is highly comfortable, in warm weather, there is not enough air circulation on my back. My back gets wet easily when wearing the bag.

I also miss a D-hook or ring on the shoulder straps to attach some small gear (white balance card etc...). Also, it would be nice if we could attach our cameras to the shoulder straps to get rid of the pressure/weight of the cameras on the neck. Though I have resolved this issue in another way, it would be great if we could use the shoulder straps for this.

I have a fairly large tripod that I could not attach to the strap on the back of the Flipside. The attachment ring is good enough for smaller tripods, but mine did not fit and was way too heavy.

I still wonder how come that the material of backpacks is still not waterproof. We already have so many technology (Goretex and similar tissues) that it is beyond my comprehension that almost no waterproof backpacks exist for photographers. Ok, you get a raincover with the bag (that can be used in conditions of dust too), but why not making a waterproof bag. When I'm photographing I cannot get of my cameragear easily or get some cover. Water-repellent or water resistant is NOT enough. Come on guys, why not using the technology we have to make bags WATERPROOF....!?

For some years now I owned and used the Lowepro Slingshot 200 AW. Because this bag pushes too much on my shoulder and has no way to attach a drink bottle, I looked for another kind of bag or backpack to fit my 2 dslrr's with attached lenses, a drink bottle and additional gear.

After comparing and reviewing lots of gear, my eye fell on the Lowepro Flipside 400 AW, which I bought.

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