Casio QV 10A 3 Megapixels and Smaller

Casio QV 10A 3 Megapixels and Smaller 


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[Dec 03, 2004]


Small, inexpensive, very easy to operate, photos the right size for auction sales or listing sales, Large LCD view screen can even be seen in daylight. Camera can flip 170-degrees so you can shoot yourself:>) Output in both digital & video. Takes AA batteries. Useful for idiots to experts.


Goes through batteries like you wouldn't believe! Really wimpy battery door: breaks and warps very easily. Power supply plug very inconveniently located on top. The cover for the other jacks is also on top. The designers' mothers should have been slapped for that one! The rotating portion is weak also, I've seen a couple broken ones.

My wife & I started using a QV-10A back in 1997, during the early days of eBay. In contrast to my Canons, Bronticas, & Linhof, this is a VERY simple point & shoot. It was (and still is) perfect for product shots--point the camera at the subject, check it out on the 1.9" color screen--and shoot. What you see is what you get. No fancy zooms or menus. No flash either. It takes 4 AA batteries. They're good for about 20-40 shots (it eats batteries like you wouldn't believe!) Or you could do as I learned to do early on: get a power supply and plug the camera in. It also has two download modes: digital (serial) and analog (video). With the video, you can also monitor the shot on a TV with AUX in. If you do a LOT of shooting, this is a great option. It can also be used with a WebTV unit. (One of the few that can be used with WebTV.) For what it's worth, between July of 97 and September 2004, we SAVED a bit over 10,400 photos. Oh, yeah, it can hold 96 photos at a time. One of it's biggest drawbacks for photos is also one of its biggest advantages for eBay sellers: typical shots are in the 25-70 kb range. While not high resolution, they load FAST and work very well with hosts like Ranchoweb, Verio, Andale. I currently have everything from this little camera to some $10k plus digital and film cameras. This one isn't for fine art, just as the fine art cameras aren't for point'n'shoot and auction listings. YOu SHOULD be able to find one of these on eBay or Amazon for $10-20. Don't pay more. If a Seller wants more than $6 for shipping, you're getting ripped off, okay.

Customer Service

Customer service? What customer service? Doesn't work? Sir, it would probably be cheaper to buy our new model....

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In addition to the QV-10a, we've also used the QV-30, the Argus DC-3510, the HP Sureshot 318 for similar shots.

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