Sony MVC-FD91 Mavica 3 Megapixels and Smaller

Sony MVC-FD91 Mavica 3 Megapixels and Smaller 



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[Dec 14, 2010]


14X stabilized zoom.

Some manual controls such as white balance.

"Movie" mode, actually clips of only a few seconds each.

Lithium-ion "smart" battery that showed the remaining time left--actually very sophisticated for the time.

The LCD has a 60FPS refresh rate, which gives it a surprisingly fluid appearance when tracking moving targets, too bad the rest of the camera can't hold up to that.

Rugged, industrial appearance; looks more like something out of Robocop than a 90's camera.


The floppy drive, slow unreliable, and limited storage space. I often wondered what would have happened if Sony had developed a camera based on the Zip or Super Drive, but I don't know if that was ever even on the horizon.

simply unacceptable image quality. Grainy, poor colors,with noise and processing artifacts. Only close up flash shots and those under the best lighting conditions come out remotely usable.

.85 Megapixel or 1023X768 resolution.

Despite it's appearance it's actually frail; I had one drop off a table two feet onto carpet and that was enough to kill the sensor. The floppy drive itself was not good for serious outdoor environments--think cold, heat, rain, etc.

The FD91 is probably the best known of the Sony floppy drive cameras, and is in many ways a grandfather to today's "bridge" cameras, the ones that look like an SLR but really aren't. For the time it was interesting, combining a huge zoom lens with a "professional" looking layout and the at the time ubiquitous floppy drive. However, like all things time has passed it by, and while some contemporary pro cameras like the Nikon D1 still have some utility, this is mainly a paperweight.

Customer Service

No need at this point.

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