Fujifilm FinePix S6000fd 6 to 7 Megapixel

Fujifilm FinePix S6000fd 6 to 7 Megapixel 


The Fujifilm FinePix S6000fd has an awe inspiring SLR like design. The Face Detection Technology can detect upto 10 faces in a single frame in as little as time of 0.05 seconds. This new digicam also has an i-Flash intelligent flash system which has been design to set power output and exposure on its own. These two news technologies ensure that the images are not blurry or washed out! The Fujifilm FinePix S6000fd has an impressive ISO 3200 and also includes the Fuji Picture Stabilization technology. Users will also dig the Dual Shot mode too which lets the user take two images in quick succession and the powerful 28-300mm Fujinon 10.7X optical zoom lens with full manual control via the lens barrel. No word on pricing or availability.


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[Oct 02, 2010]


The versatility of the lens makes it the perfect travel companion for the amateur photographer. You get the benefit of a wide-angle lens, can handle close-ups with startling clarity, and get a comfortable 10X optical zoom, all without ever needing to change a lens or carry around extra weight with you.

The fact that it calls for 4 AA batteries is another benefit. By using rechargeable batteries, you can save money and recharge anywhere you go. By using AA batteries, you're virtually guaranteed to never be stuck anywhere without the option of immediately purchasing new ones. Most cameras with non-AA batteries run the risk of you being left with no charge or, if it breaks or gets stolen, it is not easily replaced, especially if you are in other countries.

This camera also includes most of the best auto-settings, whether for people (including face detection), fireworks, sports, or nighttime. At the same time, it offers complete control with manual focus options. I've been able to get some stunning shots of things like spiders or webs with this function that auto-focus can't capture. In my experience, good manual focus on digital cameras is hard to find - and the cameras that do have it are often expensive. I simply cannot have a camera that doesn't offer manual focus and auto-focus both, but also cannot handle paying close to $1000 for it.For price and quality, this camera is by far the best!

Lastly, I have NEVER had a problem with this camera. It works perfectly, even after being banged around in all my travels. In true Fujifilm fashion, they have created a camera that is reliable to the extreme and I love them for it.


The greatest weakness I've found in this camera is its shutter limitations. The shutter's maximum time open is less than 10 seconds, which doesn't allow me to capture all the kinds of nighttime shots I'd like to. I'd like it to have an option for minutes, if not hours! There's no time-lapse option, no way to force the shutter to stay open longer to get better low-light shots.

The other poor feature on this camera is the viewfinder. Although I enjoy the quality of the picture on the screen, I sometimes want to get a better look at the focus (particularly when using manual focus) and using the viewfinder doesn't help because it's also a mini video screen! It's horrible! You can't really see any detail at all.

But those are the two worst things I can say about this very reliable camera.

I bought this camera several years ago as part of a promotional package from B&H. This meant I got the camera plus camera cards, rechargeable batteries with charger, camera bag, and tripod all perfectly suited without shopping around. Although it no longer has enough megapixels to be as up to date as most photographers would like, it was top of the line when I purchased it a few years ago.

This camera is best for the serious amateur who isn't ready to or interested in dealing with multiple lenses. The lens on this camera can handle photos as close as 10 cm (or closer!) but also has 10X zoom. Its versatility makes it the perfect travel companion.

Customer Service

I haven't had any interaction with Fujifilm customer service because in more than 3 years owning this camera I have NEVER NEEDED IT. Not even for a minor blip! B&H has excellent customer service and makes selecting and purchasing a camera a breeze and a pleasure.

Similar Products Used:

I've used a number of similar cameras, albeit all SLRs with multiple lenses. I find it irritating to carry around the extra weight of lenses, many of which are extremely expensive. The opportunity to get additional lens makes me WANT to get additional lenses, which is really a vicious cycle (in my opinion). Plus, you NEED additional lenses to get the same versatility this camera offers with one lens.

Recently I've been using a Cannon with this issue and in addition, it's view screen only allows you to see photos AFTER they've been taken, not during. This makes it hard to get photos in hard-to-reach places because you have to look through the viewfinder. On the other hand, though, the viewfinder is crystal clear...

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