Fujifilm FinePix S1000fd 8 to 10 Megapixel

FinePix S1000fd

Boasting a maximum sensitivity of ISO3200, a 10.0-megapixel CCD sensor delivers high-quality images even in low light scenes. 12x optical zoom lens expands your shooting reach, covering a remarkable focal range of 33-396mm, bringing you close enough to capture subtle expressions.The Panorama Shooting Mode makes it easy to create impressive panoramics.

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Ron   Professional [Apr 28, 2008]

Bought to upgrade a MINOLTA Z2 (4MP 10X zm), the 10MP is a ton of resolution. Love the larger monitor and extra zoom (12X). Dont know that Id ever use the panaramic feature to any extent, but will likely try it once to say I did.

Contoured & textured grip is perfect for my hands & maintaining grip, and images are very strong, FUJI sensors are rated hi and this one is no exception. Main control dial is on top, easy to use and get at. You can pre set two different scene modes on that dial in settings SP1 and SP2. Allowing quick change from AV, which is where I stay 90% of the time, to other settings, such as "landscape" and Portraiture" which I currently have saved in these settings.

The price was right ($200 was a deal, mostly $250 around town), the features are excellent and easy to use, settings for ISO are found in the F button, conveniently located on the back of the camera above the toggle dial. Dial interfaces quickly to make changes to Flash, Macro, and Delete features.

One button touch to turn off the monitor and change over to EVF use. ..assisting in keeping battery usage to a minimum.

Control Dial set up very similar to CANON EOS dial, making it an easy transition from camera to camera. Many companies are going to this same style, making the jump from the old camera to this one very easy to adjust to.

Settings and set up are quite easy to maintain and update.change.

Face Detection technology in this camera as well.

FUJI got smart, they added the dual card slot, those who have previously owned FUJI cameras can use their same XD cards, and those who have never owned a FUJI, can stiil use their SD cards, the card used on all but OLYMPUS and SONY cameras now.

Runs on 4AA batteries, alkalines inc, but I recommend AA rechargeables. Lithiums, while the best in photo longevity, get tossed into the garbage after use, while rechargeables can last for years.

Prepacked with 4 AA batteries, lens cover, manuals, cables for tv & PC, software, shoulder strap.


Havent found many things to rant about, I spose the biggest thing so far is it isnt as fast as my slr on the take...but its not slow either.

Body size isnt for the pocket or purse, long zooms rarely are.

I worry a bit about the SD/xd card slot cover, it seems to be hinged at one joint, looks like a possible problem in the making.

Good solid camera in the 12X zoom range with more than adquate resolution at 10MP. A good buy and Id recommend this camera to others. NOTE: There are 8 of us in my office, 4 own the predecessor to this camera the FUJI S700, and two of us own the S1000FD.

This camera is for almost anyone who wants to take photos, amateur to pro. And its in a price range where nearly everybody wanting a good long zoom at a reasonable price, can afford it.

Customer Service

Havent had any problems so cant comment on the service end of things on this camera.

Similar Products Used: CANON A550 & MINOLTA Z2. Also own a CANON 20D, not similar, but my everyday big gun.
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