Olympus SP-560 UZ 8 to 10 Megapixel

Olympus SP-560 UZ 8 to 10 Megapixel 


Get as close to your subject as you want with the 8-megapixel Olympus SP-560 UZ. Capturing difficult subjects like birds in trees or the kids on the soccer field is easy with with the SP-560 UZ's 18x optical zoom. And the 27-486mm lens (35mm equivalent) means you’ll be able to photograph the whole family in a single group shot.


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[Jun 07, 2008]


The ability to shoot 15 frames or more in sequence - like a motor drive on a film SLR - was a big attraction for me. There are several resolution modes, and sequential pictures can be shot at the highest resolution, but at a slow pace. There is a fairly high resolution mode - 2048 x 1536 - that shoots several frames per second. A faster mode that shoots 15 fps with a resolution of 1280 x 960 is available, but should be used under strong lighting conditions. I made the mistake of using that mode at a softball game on a very cloudy gray day and was disappointed with the outcome. Using the higher resolution means a slower frame rate but definitely better images.

The camera takes beautiful pictures at the highest resolution - 3264 x 2448 and decent quality at 2048 x 1536, certainly decent enough for web work. A lower resolution mode, 1280 x 960 produces good quality images only under good lighting conditions, particularly when shooting sequential pictures.

If you're just interested in shooting without fiddling with the settings, the AUTO mode works well. Flash photography is also very good. There is a setting on the menu that allows the user to adjust the output of the flash. Even with this adjustment, the flash has a limited range. If you take a lot of flash pictures at distances greater than 15 - 20 feet, I'd recommend a slave flash unit. Note that there is no hot shoe on the camera so a flash bracket will be necessary. I've used a flash bracket for years on all of my cameras mostly because it allows me to hold the camera steadier. I'm using it on the SP-560UZ, primarily because these new digital cameras tend to be rather small and difficult for my large hands to hold comfortably.

The camera has a video mode that takes decent quality movies in AVI format. The optical zoom does not operate in movie mode. The digital zoom does work if activated on the menu, but digital zooms tend to be inferior to optical. It's not a movie camera, so don't expect camcorder features.

There are many features that an advanced amateur photographer will love, too many to discuss in this review. Head over to the Olympus web site and download the manual. It's well written and should answer any questions you may have about features.


Biggest weakness I've found is the inability to add any kind of filter to the camera. Olympus makes an adapter tube that fits over the lens and is designed for an add-on telescopic lens, but the literature states the adapter is not designed for filters. I haven't found any aftermarket adapters yet, but it is a shortcoming that an experienced photographer might have a problem with. Filters such as UV and polarizers can add a level of professionalism to your images. Maybe someone will design an aftermarket unit.

Another annoying weakness is the quality of the strap and clips to attach it to. In my opinion, if you use them, they're an accident waiting to happen. Spend a few bucks and get a good strap and rings to attach it to.

When my faithful five-year old Kodak digital camera finally went to digital heaven, I was looking forward to purchasing a new camera. After spending several days searching the internet for the best balance of price and quality, I settled on the Olympus SP-560UZ. It has the features I wanted in a point-and-shoot camera without the price of a full blown DSLR.

I shoot a lot of sports pictures - my kids, my softball league - as well as the usual family type pictures. For sports, I wanted a camera that could fire several images in sequence. For other images, the camera had to have a high resolution mode that would produce a high quality image. The Olympus SP-560UZ can handle both.

If you need more than a simple point-and-shoot ( or a PHS camera - "push here stupid") the Olympus SP-560UZ is the answer. With the right balance of price and features, it's a great camera to move up to.

Customer Service

I've had no reason to contact Olympus regarding this camera, so I can't offer any opinion here.

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This is only my second digital camera, and the first was really entry level.

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