Fujifilm FinePix F800EXR Above 10 Megapixel

Fujifilm FinePix F800EXR Above 10 Megapixel 


The Fujifilm FinePix F800EXR is a 16-megapixel pocket superzoom camera with full manual controls, RAW shooting, a 25-500mm 20x optical zoom an and full HD Video. The Fujifilm FinePix F800EXR has built-in Wi-Fi so you can wirelessly transfer photos from your camera to your smartphone or tablet with the push of a button with a free, downloadable app. It's compatible with Android, iPhone or iPad.


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[Sep 08, 2012]


Compact. Lost an SLR camera recently so being able to put in my pocket is a definitely plus. Looked at the Fuji HS30EXR which looks like an SLR except it is not lens changeable but with a bigger optical zoom 30x instead of 20x. A camera that size would prefer an SLR.

Excellent video recording with HD 1920x1080 resolution. Many SLRs you pay a premium but only get up to 10 or 20 min. video in HD with stereo sound.

Once you know the buttons, relatively easy to navigate in the dark relying on your sense of touch and the display.

Price. Good overall resolution and sufficient zoom without paying for an SLR.


The resolution. The camera does have an ISO 12800. At this resolution the details become blur that you can still get a shot at this ISO when absolutely necessary or for artistic purposes to show grain. The highest ISO you can go that still offer sufficient resolution is 6400.
Did some test results:

ISO settings. Like the F770 the setting on M is not as customizable as an SLR where you can get in between settings, not just 100, 200, 400, 800... 12800.

Would prefer MF in some situations it is easier to fix the focus instead of waiting for the AF to do the job.

An upgrade version to F770EXR so the menu has more stuff. Not too straightforward and takes a bit of getting used to.

The battery charger. On the 770 the 2 metal prongs that goes into your wall outlet can be folded behind the charger so it is nice and compact for travelling. The new model for whatever reason Fuji decided to put the metal prongs into a separate little adapter piece. Besides using the little adapter in the box you can use a long cable with a metal plug on the other end. Still prefer the 1 piece battery charger approach. When you're travelling you don't want to carry extra little pieces.

Resolution is similar compared to other P&S with similar MP resolution but does not stand out.

The F800EXR is a recently released upgrade to the F770. A lot of stores may start to discount the F770 if you want to get similar quality images as the F800 at a lower price you can consider the F770.

For someone who shoots a lot of videos, this camera is definitely worth buying on the video alone. You don't have to pay for an expensive camcorder to do the job. Find the HD video sufficient for a pocket-size camera.

Other personal test results can be found at:

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