Fujifilm FinePix S200EXR Above 10 Megapixel

Fujifilm FinePix S200EXR Above 10 Megapixel 


A fused technology gained over Fujifilm's long years in photography with the newly developed Super CCD EXR sensor at its heart working in tandem with Fujinon lens and EXR Processor. Even closer to the human eye than you imagined. The award-winning switchable EXR sensor delivers optimal results for high resolution, high contrast, and low-light photography. From intelligent shooting modes to functional interface and camera body, the 12-megapixel S200EXR / S205EXR cleverly provides elements for ultimate performances.


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[May 08, 2010]


Size and feel of a dslr (a strength for me, but could be a minus for some).
Dslr style manual 14x zoom.
Big nicely textured grip.
Multiple auto and program modes plus full manual modes, something for every user.
Image quality seems to be very good.
Records video
Threaded lens for mounting filters


Could use a little bit more zoom than the 14x, something in the 18x or 20x range.
Requires a np-140 rechargeable battery. I would have prefered AA's since they can be purchased anywhere.
Lacks HD video. Not a big deal to me but it may matter to others.
The full manual comes only on CD
Lacks an adjustable live view LCD .

The following is not a weakness but, simply my opinion.

Personally I learn more by being shown how to use something as opposed to reading it in a manual. I would like to see electronic companies like Fuji include a tutorial CD with products like this. Having someone demo how to use the different camera functions would be a great help and shorten the learning curve.

After months of trying to decide if I should go with a entry level dslr or a high end compact mega zoom I chose the Fujifilm s200exr over the Panasonic FZ35, Fujifilms just realeased HS10 and the Nikon d3000 dslr. In the end I decided I did not want to get into building a new slr system since I already have two 35mm systems that I still enjoy using.
At this point I am very happy with my decision. The s200 feels and handles like a dslr which I like. It has several AUTO and Program modes along with several manual modes including full manual. I have been playing a lot with the EXG mode. At this setting it offers full AUTO or you can chose between RESOLUTION PRIORITY, HIGH ISO AND LOW NOISE or DYNAMIC RANGE PRIORITY. At this point I have taken over 200 shots in every mode and all have been excellent to good. I can honestly say that I have not taken a bad shot (as far as exposure is concerned) When the camera is in any of the AUTO modes it does an excellent job of metering the scene.
After reading hundreds of expert and user reviews I chose the s200 mainly because of the image quality. It generally recieved high marks in that area and I have not been disappointed to this point. As you can see from the following STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES the s200exr is not perfect but, it offers a great set of features and I feel the perfect balance between p+s compacts and entry level dslr's. I have been playing around in photography for over 25 years but, it will never be anything more than a hobby. I just like the challenge of taking a nice photograph to hang on the wall. I have already taken two of my best photos ever with this camera. I think the Fujifilm s200exr will serve me well.
If you are looking at the mega zoom class of cameras you owe to yourself to check out the S200exr but, you may want to hurry. Fuji has just released the HS10 30x zoom and positioned it as its top of the line camera. I am unsure at this point if the s200 will slot under the HS10 or be discontinued. At the time of my research the early reviews of the HS10 seemed to indicate the image quality is not as good as the s200exr. The HS10 does not use the EXR sensor.

Customer Service

Purchased online from B+H Photo, free ground shipping.
Paid $419.00 which was the second cheapest price I could find online but, I have dealt with B+H before and was willing to pay a little more to buy from them. Shipped the same day I ordered and arrived in five days.

Similar Products Used:

Last summer we bought a Canon is10 20x zoom (I think that was the model) but after using it for a few days we were not satified with the image quality and returned it.

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