Better Light Super 6K Digital Camera Backs

Better Light Super 6K Digital Camera Backs 


  • Twelve resolution settings up to 9000 x 12000 (309 MB RGB)
  • ISO from 100 to 1600
  • 6 GB internal disk drive
  • Single-pass color or monochrome scanning
  • 11 f-stop dynamic range
  • SCSI-2 interface


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    [Jul 23, 2007]
    Nicholas Scull


    Rugged, dependable and brilliantly engineered right down to the amazing ViewFinder software. Tech support is the best of any hi-tech product I have ever owned, bar none. Also, if you want to simply go in at the lowest price level like we did, do so. You can upgrade slowly up to the most expensive model as you get more confident and your needs change.


    A rather stiff learning curve. For some closeup applications, another weakness for some users might be the narrow depth of field, especially when using UV and polarizing filters.

    You need specialized lights such as North Lights. They are probably the best and must be included in the startup budget and they, too, are expensive.

    For repro work, to achieve parallelism use of the Zig-Align system is mandatory for best results!

    For fine art reproduction and landscape photography, this 4x5 camera setup is amazing! At 216 Megapixels the detail is so sharp and it goes so deep it's like zooming in from a satellite. The examples on the BetterLight Web site are the real thing and have not been manipulated in any way.

    Add their pano adapter to the camera and now you have the ability to pan up to 360 degrees---great for landscapes, seascapes, golf course or architectural photography.

    If you need the best of the best for your specialized photography just tell yourself the world's finest museums cannot be wrong and they use BetterLight.

    Customer Service

    When I first called Better Light for info the CEO and Founder, Mike Collette, answered the phone and we talked for an hour. Every time I called thereafter he took my calls to answer all my questions in depth. Now that's unusual! Our e-mails could fill a book and in fact they do and we still refer to some of the information regularly.

    We have upgraded twice and we attended their annual conference in June 2007. We have gotten to know everyone at BL and they are the friendliest, most helpful team I have ever worked with.

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