Pentax K-7 Digital SLRs


A rugged, weatherproof, 14.6-megapixel digital SLR with built-in image stabilization and 720p video capture at 30 frames per second.

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cgarrard   Professional [Apr 03, 2010]

Unique and loaded package, it strength is the entire design- and most of the strengths are noted above.


Not the best choice perhaps for a top end sports shooters speed demon camera, or the best choice for low light or high ISO work- yet it will still get by just fine in the hands of someone experienced who knows how to coax the best out of it.

Pentax K7- Uncommonly good overall package, build, quiet shutter/mirror cycle, features, compactness, comfortable, versatile, weatherproof and cold resistant, and just downright lovable.

Once in a while a camera manufacturer will produce one of those cameras that photographers will talk about for years after release, and this is one of those cameras. Few if any cameras have impressed me nearly as much as the K7 has, to the point that it's calmed the feature and need beast inside of me probably for years to come.

As an outdoor or indoor companion, the K7 is a champion of versatility and multiple personality for most shooting situations. Chances are, if you need the K7 to perform a task, it will be able too, no matter how complicated or specific that task be.

Owner satisfaction in general, and high review praise are testament to its value and charm. The K7 has very few weaknesses and those are even offset by the overall perceived value and performance of it. While you could probably do better with a similarly classed Canon or Nikon for low light or sports shooting situations, no current DSLR is better as an all rounder.

It's light weight, compact dimensions, and very quiet mirror/shutter cycle add to its vast number of charms that will delight you and keep a smile on your face.

Considering Pentax's total lineup of DSLRS isn't as commanding as other manufacturers at this time, the engineers put everything but the kitchen sink into the K7 to appeal to those enthusiast photographers. It needed to be a camera that could tick off even the pickiest of feature hounds. Well, it is that, but much more.

Using the K7 is a must in order understand just how all of its features come together into a well orchestrated harmony. The experience of a K7 is a bit different than other DSLRS in this regard, and I've enjoyed mine immensely since day 1. Once you get around the K7 and learn it, and there will be some learning curve here, it will become a companion that will make you want to keep it for life.

Careful attention to details and needs of photographers were considered with the K7, unlike any other DSLR I have used to date. The K7 is so loaded (but not complicated) it leaves very little to desire- you just want to go out and shoot, all the time.

Pentax's K7 is, metaphorically speaking, a photographers tool chest. This is a rare beast. It is an up to date DSLR in the modern age, keeping up in performance with the best of the bunch, yet with a price tag staggering in comparison. I don't feel left out in any category when comparing it to the best of the best.

Professionals and enthusiasts know what they need in a camera, and Pentax has certainly listened to them. If the K7 is any indication of what is to come from Pentax in the future- this is awfully good news to photographers of all walks of life, but especially to those invested in Pentax gear.

I can't imagine the K7 being any better designed. If you are looking for niggles and weaknesses you'll find few to contend with.

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No need for that, to this point, cannot comment

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(I've used all of these cameras, but only owned two of the Sony's)
CanNiko   Expert [Oct 17, 2009]

- features
- use of a wide arrange of lenses
- responsiveness
- form/weight


- None detected - not tested for noise resistancy!
- Lack of articulated screen (Compared to E1)

Hello, I am what is called now an 'Enthusiastic' Photographer. I started shooting DSLR with MINOLTA which translated to SONY and added later Olympus 4/3rds to use the 2x magnification for my tele shots. In 2009, I wanted to upgrade my camera bag with more recent cameras and went shopping. I am using many manual lenses. What impressed me about the K7: Very intuitive - great Menu - excellent form factor - I bought the camera together with the 16-50mm lens, to give me a 'walkaround lens' in addition to the many manual lenses I use. Without looking at the use of manual lenses, this camera is by far the very best bang for the buck. When I take the use of 'old' lenses in consideration, it is simply unbeatable. It is the only DSLR to my knowledge, that lets you compose in open aperture AND gives you the AF confirmation through the camera - no flimsy 'AF confirm' adapter needed. If I would only shoot with ONE Camera, this is the camera of choice, especially, if you have some Pentax K-mount or adaptall-2 lenses - you will save 1000ds of $s over temporary lenses. Unfortunately, I have to part with it and the K20D, which is still new in the box, as I decided for Canniko FF; I start with 12mm on the wide side, and am already lugging too much gear around! I did not care about and did not test the video capabilities. I could compare it with my SONY A 350, which has the articulated screen as +++, but lacks the quality feeling of the K7 and some pro features like the 2nd LCD, the OLYMPUS 510, which I use for a total different purpose (The E1 would qualify for a direct comparison), the Nikon D300, I prefer the viewfinder (both are excellent!), the CANON 5D, a different purpose camera, but the overall 'feeling' of the K7 is just better! Of course, that is all subjective, but this is, what photography is about anyway, if you make your decision based on pixel counting, there are enough 'scientific’ tests around! Now, within the marketing driven pixel race more important features came in the background, as noise resistance. I do like neither 14MP SONY NOR the 10MP Olympus for the actual noise produced, but I made my decision for a D700 and 1Ds before I could actually test the K7.
If you are upgrading and in the market for a high end Prosumer DSLR, my advice: GO FOR IT!
The best alternatives I can see for a combination in the same price class ( DSLR + High End 'walk around" lens
#1 OLYMPUS E1 with 12-60mm 2.8-4 – effective (35mm compared) 24-120mm
#2 PENTAX K7 with 16-50mm 2.8 - effective 24- 75mm. I prefer the constant 2.8 over the longer zoom range of the Olympus.
You will have difficulties finding the same lens class in this price range in NIKON, CANON or SONY brand
Please remember: That field between (effective, compared to 35mm) 24 and 120mm is just so important, and I recommend to buy rather expensive lenses, which you might keep for 10-20 years, while the electronic camera part of your equipment is due for replacement within the next 18-24 month, also please keep in mind, that FF cameras are dropping in price, and you might instead build up your lenses on 24x36 lenses from the beginning!

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Usage too short to get an impression

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