Pentax K-x Digital SLRs

Pentax K-x Digital SLRs 


Choose a camera that redefines the entry-level digital SLR category. The Pentax K-x offers high-end features including Live View, HD video and photographic performance that challenges higher class models. Other features include 12.4 megapixels, 2.7 inch LCD, Widescreen HD 720p video at 24 FPS, Live View and Face Detection, Auto Picture and Scene Modes, Creative Processing and Filter Modes and 11 Point Wide Angle Focus.


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[Apr 22, 2010]
Peter Zack


Very good and easily understood manual. Although it could use a better index.
Easy user interface and menus
Simple and straightforward button layout
Fast shutter mechanism and excellent Fps.
Very good AF in most light sources.
AWB is greatly improved over previous models. Very good adjustments with indoor light
P-TTL flash metering has improved over earlier models.
Low Light image quality at least 2 stops better than earlier versions.
Small compact size fun to carry and very good button layout.



Green Button difficult to activate for bigger hands.
No AF LED’s in veiwfinder.
Menu resets to first page on exit and should reopen on last page viewed.
Should have accessory grip available as an option even if only for spares storage.
Bright or direct sun makes viewing VF data difficult. Data display could be brighter
Mode dial dents need to be more defined or add K-7 lock to avoid accidental changes
Optical preview should be seperate button and not menu driven
AF in Live View a bit slow and not well suited for faster moving subjects.

This is an excellent camera and I can only mirror the comments of the previous review. For the person moving up from a Point and shoot style camera, the controls will seem familiar. For someone that wants the typical DSLR controls, they are all there, including complete manual controls.

Excellent low light ability. Good shots at ISO 3200, Usable at 6400 and even 12,800 is decent in a pinch and depending on the scene. Very fast and responsive. If you want to see more of my impressions of the camera, look up Pentax K-x review on the site: Enticing the Light. It's a 3 part series with lots of details.

Overall an excellent camera that 'punches above it's price' and it's weight. It's small, fast and responsive with great AF, High ISO, colour rendition and frame rate.

Customer Service

Never used

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[Jan 19, 2010]


Color rendering
Hand grip
plethora of filter/exposure options
two kinds of RAW
long battery life (honestly, this camera is like the energizer bunny)
low-light capacity
useful first layer customization


limited dynamic range (highlight are often clipped)
limited focusing consistency (due to focus point guessing game)
too many options that make the photographic experience a nuisance
not the most intuitive playback operation

The K-x is perfect for someone intimated by manual controls... there are enough digital filters, scene modes, custom options, and "intelligent" exposure settings to keep someone busy for days. But for those of us who prefer to shoot manually, it's not the world's most friendly camera, and for one simple reason: only one thumb dial to change both exposure and shutter speed. Big pain, and something I didn't really consider when I purchased the camera. My bad.

Color rendition is generally accurate, sometimes impressively so. But in tricky light: dappled sunlight in clouds (which is generally one of the great times to get beautiful color shots), it can be a little temperamental. Being able to adjust the color palette in the various WB modes is helpful, albeit a little time-consuming. Highlights in tricky light are usually blown, unless you use the HDR function (which takes 3 pics in a row of different exposures then makes a single custom picture from them), but that requires, in most instances, the use of a tripod. Otherwise, you've got a well-exposed, blurry picture. Speaking of blurry pictures, I'm not terribly impressed with the focus capacity of this camera. Yes, it has 11-point autofocus if you want it, but good luck figuring out which of the 11 points it's focused on... it doesn't tell you. As a result, I usually put it on center focus, but even then with moving objects...

I like the hand grip; makes for easy handling with one hand. The flash exposures are better than most, at least in practice (though daylight flash isn't perfect). The menu settings are okay... at least Pentax decided to go horizontal rather than vertical, so you never have to wonder what options are below the 'fold.' There aren't any.

The playback is fun, but when you use the digital filters in conjuction, the operation can be less than intuitive ~ you'll see what I mean when you try it. Who would know that you save a filtered pic with the "Info" button? Huh?? But this kind of unintuitive button function really isn't particular to Pentax; more and more cameras that try to be all things to all people suffer from this. I call it gadget creep. Cameras are increasingly feeling like they have to compete with i-Phones. Yikes. Frankly, I could give a rat's ass about movie capture... but maybe that's just me.

Overall I'm impressed with the camera's rendering of colors, it's usefulness as a glorified point and shoot, and its multi-layered capabilities. But if you're from the Old School and just want a box to capture light that isn't encumbered by too many options, I'm not entirely sure the K-x is your best bet.

Customer Service

No need.

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